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Where’s the money?Where’s the money?It would be interesting to know what happened to all the scholarship money that the mayor of Gypsum promised local kids last year and this.Cell lifeI’m calling in regards to all these people, it seems like 80-85 percent of the folks around here, seem to be talking on their cell phone and driving. I know it’s a free country, but what gives you the right to endanger everybody else’s life? Do you really think you’re that important? Why don’t we call it what it is. You’re talking on your phone and driving, that’s attempted vehicular manslaughter every time you pick up that phone. Do us all a favor. Honey, you are not that important. Hang up and drive.Didn’t think of thatAt the town meeting in Eagle regarding the leash law for dogs, did someone actually ask the question, “What if a child is attacked by an elk?”Crime waveWe started a poll at work about Vail Valley’s violence and that has to do with what’s going to happen this week. Bank robbery, stabbing, shooting or drug bust? In the tankI’m wondering if all the rosy projections for the Vail conference center are being made by the same experts who made all the rosy projections for the bankrupt Denver aquarium.Vail, Colorado

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