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Public informationThe TAP program is very popular with the district administrators and building principals of the Eagle county School District. … I challenge the Eagle County School District to show us, the taxpayers, the data showing how administrators are compensated through the TAP Program.That’s it!Every day I find out something new about Vail that flabbergasts me. This used to be a town where people used to work together. This time of year where everyone’s coming to town, everyone’s resources are stretched. I just left the post office. I spent the last couple of months in New Orleans working, and I was coming back to get a check, and I guess my P.O. box notice was due that I didn’t get, so they closed it and shipped all my mail back out, so now I can’t even get a check to pay my mortgage. The reality is I just closed my P.O. box after 14 years. That’s it. I’m done with Vail. Most dangerousI just love that article and the letters in about the roundabouts and how people go on to I-70 at 40 mph. That is so true here. It is so dangerous. I get behind cars all the time like going eastbound onto I-70 in Avon. … If you can’t drive the posted speed limit, take the bus. The local drivers here are the most dangerous drivers I’ve ever experienced. They never use their turn signals on I-70. They’ll never let you merge onto I-70. It’s a great article.Biker packThis is a tip for all the jerks that are riding their motorcycles together in a pack between Edwards and Eagle on Saturday at 1. They don’t have the right to take other people’s lives in their hands, passing cars on double lines, in construction zones, speeding, and being jerks in general. They should all have their licenses taken away. They should not be allowed to ride on the road with the rest of us. Quit whiningPeople need to quit whining about the high prices of gasoline. In a democracy, you deserve what you get. Bush and his merry band of thieves have three more years yet to lead the country.Each side sureOne side is sure the conference center will work. The other side is afraid it won’t. One side is selling hope, the others are selling fear. Fortunately, people who live in Vail will choose opportunity and optimism over fear and pessimism every time.Economic VietnamWelcome to Vail, the economic Vietnam of the middle class. You aren’t going to win, and you’re going to take heavy casualties. Have a great winter. Think snow.Vail, Colorado

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