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Vote noI’d like to know why the lodging segment of the retail community are the only ones to shoulder the burden of paying for this conference center? If this center is supposed to be so beneficial to the entire community, why isn’t the entire community willing to help pay for it? Proponents keep saying there’s no risk, but they aren’t willing to help fund it, so obviously they must feel that they would be incurring risk. This additional lodging tax is too much, it’s too unfair, and it is truly biting the hands that feed us. Our guests are going to be upset. They were upset the last time we raised it. I just urge everybody to vote no on this ill-conceived plan. Why there?How come Greg Moffet’s mother lives at Middle Creek employee housing? She does not work in Vail or Eagle County. …Don’t like itThe design for the proposed conference center ought to be in Sedona, not Vail.Littleton letterWhy is it the only people writing letters to support Diana Donovan live in Littleton?Poor mannersI just came from a Vail Town Council meeting, and I am appalled that Greg Moffet would tell a citizen, who was standing at the podium, to shut up. This guy has really gone off the edge and I hope no one votes for him. He doesn’t deserve to ever be elected to anything.Whose views?This is a direct call out to the Vail Chamber and Business Association Board of Directors. It is now the time that you publicly comment on the ravings of Kaye Ferry and her outlandish mudslinging directed toward our community. Is Kaye Ferry speaking on behalf of the VCBA membership or is she just another misguided and frustrated writer who feels this type of supposed journalism will propel her to the top of an imagined Pulitzer pedestal? In her recent ranting, “My View,” on Oct. 26, Ms. Ferry suggests that her criteria for the (council candidates) “are driven primarily by my role at the Vail Chamber and Business Association.” Are these the feelings of (her board)? …A stretchHas it occurred to anyone that the officials at the school district office did not urge anyone to be candidates for school board positions as they were afraid they would get the wrong type of people elected, mainly people who oppose TAP. …Vail, Colorado

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