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Just a NIMBYI had to laugh when I read Merv Lapin’s reasons why he’s voting no for the Vail conference center. He failed to state the real reason why he’s voting no, and that’s because he’s a NIMBY. He failed to mention that, and I certainly didn’t want the public to think the reasons he gave were the real reason. This is Michael Cacioppo.Power of press?This is Lew Meskimen, and this in regards to Don Rogers editorial on “Here we go” for Quick Takes slamming Mr. Sullivan. … He might be right about Mr. Sullivan taking money from Mr. Ginn for his property. But by saying it’s costing everybody, we might as well say that Rogers is working for Mr. Ginn because it just saved him I don’t know how many millions of dollars by having that vote come out negative. I think it’s time we just take down Minturn and call it Ginnturn.See implicationI am very disappointed in Dick Cleveland and Diana Donovan for going negative in their campaign ad. What were they thinking, implying that the other candidates, as well as other Town Council members, could be bought?Keep Vail realSmall businesses have dropping like flies for a number of years in Vail and other ski towns. If you want to see just lodging and lifts in Vail, vote against the conference center. If you want to help the many struggling businesses stay alive in Vail, and help keep Vail a real town, vote for the conference center. It really is needed for many good reasons.Out of lineGreg Moffet owes an apology to the council, to the community and to Jim Lamont for his personal attack on Jim Lamont during (this week’s) council meeting. It is inexcusable. He is not fit to serve.Huh?Nothing has ever been written about the cowards. Vote yes for the conference center.Council picksFor integrity, diversity, transparency, and veracity, vote Robert Aikens, Mark Gordon and Farrow Hitt. Paul Kuzniar.Bikes vs. dogsI would just like to ask the bikers out there in the Vail Valley what is the code of ethics as far as biking and courtesy to our dogs. I was walking yesterday and my dogs are courteous and I ran into a gentleman that was not so courteous and really rammed through us and would have liked to have hit one of my dogs had they strayed into his path. I wonder why bikers feel that it’s OK just to ram into someone that is not on a leash. My dogs are very much under my voice control, but with you coming up behind me, I don’t know if you’re there. Lock those doors”Officials say gang-related crime in Eagle County is minor compared to larger cities.” When proportioned to larger cities, we have a greater gang activity than the cities, because there is so much methamphetamine, cocaine and pot up here, it’s unbelievable. Nobody talks about heroin, but I’m sure there’s plenty of that, too. In proportion to Denver, I’ll bet we have more drugs here than they do per square mile. Have a nice day. Peace and love.Vail, Colorado

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