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How it worksThis is in reference to the Tipsline article about the scholarship money from the mayor of Gypsum. My response to that would be, if we could put it in big bold letters at the top please, “Here’s the money … where’s the numbers?” in reference to the article in Tipsline on Oct. 27 about the mayor of Gypsum not getting the scholarship money to the local kids as promised. A certain amount of information is required before the check is sent to the accounts payable department at the school of their choice. There is still money available to the students that were told they would get it. The requirements are a tough one. 1, Student name, as it appears on the college account. 2, Student ID number. 3, Student account number the check will be sent to, the college with the information above recorded on the check. This information is needed in a timely fashion from the student. No, Daddy, I won’t send the money to your address. It goes to the college only. I do apologize for the three tough requirements above, but that’s what is needed. Mayor Steve Carver Sr. (Wow, I signed my name.) Great work!This is a huge thank you and great job to our local law enforcement, both Sheriff’s Office and Vail Police Department. Last week all those shocking headlines with the shootings and stabbings and bank robberies was just an incredible slap in the fact to realize that even though this is a wonderful place to live, it still is a little community with all its problems, and the fast action and apprehension of the criminals to me rivals any big city police department. Our young men and women need to be commended, which they usually aren’t in this paper. With that in mind, I also think that people like Ferry and Cacioppo, when they get a well-deserved parking ticket or speeding ticket, really you as the editor should refrain from giving them half a page to run down our local law enforcement. Those people literally risk their lives for us, and I think the community needs to realize they are just fantastic. So, tell usThis is a comment on Arthur Kittay’s latest letter to the Vail Daily, and the question to Arthur is, if we’re not going to support a Palestinian state, what are we to do with all those Palestinian people? Can Arthur please explain to us in great detail what he would have done with all those Palestinian people, exactly, specifically? Nice supportThanks so much to Moe’s, the Tap Room, Outback Steakhouse, and Marko’s Pizza for hosting the Huskies’ football team dinners. They may not be winning much this season, but they sure are a team full of winners. Thanks for supporting them.Telling on copWell, Eagle County’s finest is setting a good example again. On the drive home Tuesday night between Eagle and Gypsum, talking on my cell phone which I shouldn’t be doing, which I normally don’t do, just observing this guy though. First he’s tailgating the guy in front of him coming out of Eagle, and maybe 8 or 10 cars are coming at him with their parking lights on, I think they’re called parking lights for a reason. Of course he doesn’t turn around and stop anybody. We’re going through by the airport turnoff where it says through traffic keep right. He’s in the left lane so I thought he was turning, but he didn’t. If that would have been me, I would have had a ticket. Well maybe not, because these guys can’t seem to pay attention. Maybe that’s why there are so many crappy drivers up here. That’s it. Good night.Board decisionsThis Tip might be a little too late, but I was wondering. I don’t remember voting in the town of Eagle for this $3 million remodeling that they’re doing in the downtown area, and I was wondering where all that money is coming from, if we as taxpayers did not vote for that remodel job, because I think $3 million is a bit too much to be spending in the downtown area. Maybe that money should be spread around the town of Eagle, not just the downtown area. It’s great for all the downtown business owners, but they’re not the only ones living in Eagle. If Willy Powell and the board are going to make those decisions without allowing us citizens to vote, maybe it should come out of their paychecks.Road rageThis is to the little red Ford Probe that was driving down Highway 6 yesterday morning following me so close if I stepped on my brakes would have rear-ended me. I was going the speed limit. I do not go any faster because of the wildlife at this time of the year, and when you passed on the double yellow line, too bad there wasn’t a policeman around when that happened. Maybe you would have gotten the ticket for going too fast and crossing the double yellow line. …Seeking free passThis is in response to the letter that Tipsline slamming on Vail Resorts for not being accountable for employee error. If you are dumb enough to ski into the biggest manmade bridge on the mountain, get out of my way. Anyway, people want everything for free. Everyone’s looking for a free pass, quick buck. Really. If you can’t ski, go down to Arrowhead. Get off of Vail Mountain. Former member of ski patrol. Thanks.Glory of natureThis is Suzanne. I live on Matterhorn Circle, and I’m curious as to what’s happening to our beavers. We have a beautiful beaver dam that draws locals and visitors alike to witness the glory of nature. I understand somebody came along and captured the beaver and they were hired by the town of Vail. It’s a gold medal stream. Can somebody please explain to me how we’re going to live in peace with our furry friends? Big oil, big profitsI’m calling in regards to the article entitled “Exxon Mobil Royal Dutch shall record record profits.” Just wondering if anybody else out there is as shocked, appalled and disturbed at this as I am. We’re paying out the wazoo for gas, and these people are stuffing it all into their pockets. I think it’s time for the revolution, people. I think it’s time to rise up and bear arms and take down the man, because this is extremely disturbing. Think on that for a little while, folks.Critical question”How many deaths will it take till we know that too many people have died?” -Bob Dylan.You could helpThis is regarding the Tipsline “Time for a cleanup.” I just wanted to let you know that there was a great group of people out on the highway just yesterday from R.A. Nelson, who has adopted the trail and just by default ends up having to clean up the highway trash as well. They were out there just yesterday on the 27th picking up that area that was mentioned, and so were some employees from Edwards Building Supply. Yes, everybody needs to do their part to pick that up, including people that have trash blowing out of the backs of their pickup trucks and the businesses along the way and the people that walk on the trail. Anybody that sees trash, why not pick it up instead of calling it in? Vail, Colorado

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