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Quake reliefIn response to the question raised in the Tipsline concerning the earthquake relief in Asia, I would like to draw your attention to the Web site, where 100 percent of your funds will be treated with accountability and the total amount of money you give will go into the right hands to purchase blankets, tents, food and medicine for the needy. Many people of Eagle County are helping through this organization.Some adviceHey Gypsum post office. Put your paper boxes back by the door where they’re convenient for everybody instead of out in the rain by the parking lot. Close the crossingThe railroad tracks in Avon in front of the trailer park need to be shut down. That road crossing is hazardous when you get up next to the school, there’s always a mess. Someone’s going to get hurt one of these days, so just cut the road crossing and that’ll solve the problem.Blocked inHello. I live in a condo complex near the Eagle-Vail roundabout on Highway 6. It’s a 25 mph zone. 2. It’s traffic jam. 3. I cannot make a lefthand turn to go towards Vail. 4. If it keeps up, I might just block traffic coming westbound so I can go eastbound, because CDOT can’t even get their head screwed on straight and put a turning lane for my condo complex. I’ll let them figure it out, because there’s several of them along the way. They’re going to have to break up the traffic somehow. It’s just a cruel, cruel sad world for some old -time local that’s never seen nothing like it before. Why do all the locals put on their brakes a block before an orange light, doing 50 mph? That just blows my mind. Are they just wanting to hold up traffic?Liberals at workI think that the editors of the Vail Daily should be ashamed of themselves for printing Alex Miller’s story about referendums C and D. It is completely liberal bias, and it basically points out fear and guilt that liberals use in order to take money from hard-working taxpayers by showing the picture of a child that died that apparently is caused by lack of funding by the state. Not only that, but it also points out that less dangerous criminals are going to be released onto our streets if we don’t support this. This is absolutely ridiculous. This deserves to be in the editorial section, not on the first and second pages of the Vail Daily, and again, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for printing this. This is completely biased.Doesn’t bother meIt sure seems like Greg Moffet has managed to tick off the professional lobbyists in the town of Vail. I’ve got to believe that’s a good thing.Prez ain’t driving offTo the one that says quit whining about the gas prices and blaming the president? Why don’t you blame the people that drive off and don’t pay? Still can’t reach anyoneI never thought it would be possible to have a worst system for answering telephones than your virtual operator, but the thing you’ve got going now wins hands down. It’s absolutely impossible, impossible, to get through to a human being. This is terrible.Vail, Colorado

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