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Next to brakeWhy is it that people still insist on getting on the highway at 35-40 mph? It is so dangerous. The gas pedal is nothing to be afraid of. It’s next to the brake. That’s the one that they use most, and that’s the one everyone has to use because you keep getting on the highway at the slowest possible rate, and everybody else is just slamming their brakes. Who you likeThis is in regards to a Town Council meeting that was held in Minturn last week. … What was Daryl Wegert thinking when he said he likes the town of Vail, but not Vail Resorts? Did he forget that the employees of Vail Resorts live in Minturn, they go to bars and restaurants in Minturn, they support events in Minturn, they shop in the stores in Minturn, all of these which put dollars in the cash drawers in Minturn businesses. So before you say you don’t like …, be careful, because it sure appears that you like the dollars Vail Resorts creates that are spent in Minturn.Own languageIt appears that the Vail Board of Realtors would benefit their members by having a class in simple grammar. For example, recently a house was described in a printed advertisement as having “magnanimous” views. Magnanimous, of course, is defined as courageously noble in mind and heart. This word is used to describe an attribute of a person, not a view. Similarly, another house was described as having a “gracious” living room. Gracious, of course, means of a merciful or compassionate nature. Again, an attribute of a person, not a living room. Therefore, perhaps the VBR could be gracious and magnanimously provide instruction on proper word usage for the real estate community.Thanks for workThis is the Resource Center and we would like to thank the Eagle Police Department, The Back Bowl bowling alley, and the Cascade Village movie theater for their participation and assistance in our activities for October’s domestic violence month. The Back Bowl provided us with passes, the movie theaters gave us tickets, and the Eagle Police Department wore the purple ribbon for an entire week in representation of domestic violence activities. …HmmmmI’m calling in about (a recent Tipsline call) about a man being ticked off and he quoted that a bicycle rider almost ran over his dog being inconsiderate while he was walking his dog on the bike path. That’s a key word. Bike path. Why would you want to walk a dog, let alone quote “bicycle” path in the newspaper and say that you were ticked off because somebody was riding their bicycle on a bike path? …Vail, Colorado

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