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Light’s too shortI’m somewhat concerned about the exit ramp at 147 at Eagle westbound. The light’s not long enough to cycle all the cars through. Those cars are backing up onto the highway, creating a very dangerous situation. Someone can just sit there and decelerate to the proper speed to exit, and somebody’s going to get hurt there. Please have that increased so more people can exit, especially during the rush hour time between 5 and 6 p.m.Cover band?You’ve got to be kidding. An ABBA cover band at the Vilar Center? How lame can you get?WWE wisdom?In regard to the conflict between evolution and intelligent design, I think Jesse Ventura put it right. Religion is a crutch for weak-minded people. Have a good day.That Web pollI just find it very interesting suspicious and curious that the online poll that you put in here says that 70 percent of the people want the conference center, and it got voted down. When are you guys going to admit to your political partisanship? I mean this Vail propaganda stuff has got to end. Let’s just start telling the truth. It would be nice.InconveniencedI just want to know who the genius was that decided it was a good idea to let someone do construction on the only access road from Eagle to I-70 on a Wednesday morning in the middle of rush hour. Traffic is backed up all the way from the roundabout back towards Gypsum. What were they thinking?Don’t stop itI’m calling about the railroad tracks in Avon in front of the trailer park. I don’t think they should be shut down. It’s going to be more hazardous to have to go around to a roundabout in the morning with the kids and the buses, so I don’t think it should be shut down. I don’t think it’s hazardous, so I don’t think it should be shut down. Thank you.Just wasn’t rightI just wanted the new Town Council in Vail to know that because I voted against the conference center does not mean I am against development and progress forward. I want them to know that many of us are very much for progress moving forward in a positive direction. We just didn’t feel that the conference center was the right thing at the right time. Thanks so much for this forum. I appreciate it.Road prepI have no idea why Cordillera decided to spray all of their roads in the last 48 hours with Mag. Chloride. As you drive through the development, your car gets covered in Mag. Chloride. The roads are actually wet from Mag. Chloride, but there’s no snow. All the driveways are dry, but the roads are wet. I just stopped at the gate at Cordillera and asked the guy, and he said, “Oh, they thought it was going to snow”. So they’re just going to go ahead and spray this stuff in anticipation of snow. Jeesh.Vail, Colorado

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