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Chain law abuseA number of people call up and complain in the Tipsline, but maybe the Vail Daily can write an article and put a little pressure on the state authorities and local authorities to regulate the trucks driving up Vail Pass during snowstorms when the chain law is in effect. I suppose the principle of that is to put your chains on before you go up the pass rather than putting your chains on when you get stuck. Anyway, it’s become a problem in the last few years, and years ago when Vail Pass was kind of regulated by the State Patrol at a better level, they would enforce the chain law at the gate in East Vail. So quite possibly it would make sense for State Patrol to go back to regulating at the bottom of the pass as opposed to having two officers just sitting halfway up Vail Pass for instance with nothing to do. Don’t seem to careThere are kids who cannot attend early Head Start at the Family Learning Center because ECO Transit doesn’t have a bus stop near St. Claire of Assisi. When the original ECO taxes passed, it was with the promise that ECO Transit would do what it could for kids in the community. Instead we’ve been graced for the past years with various uncaring bureaucrats and inexperienced so-called planners who couldn’t care less. I would gladly support a repeal of the bus portion of the ECO tax and the removal of the indifferent board.Feeling a little frostyFirst of all want to say to the town of Vail that the dummy in the police car is extremely insulting. This morning I drove by and it had ice all over the windshield so obviously there was no live human being in the car. It’s insulting to people’s intelligence. Also, with the money left over from the conference center I think they should build a performing arts center, something that will actually serve the locals.Vail, Colorado

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