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Town of iceMy name is John and I live in Minturn. Boy, I guess you can tell our Public Works Director Floyd is gone, because I’ve never seen our streets so bad. What’s up with Minturn Public Works? I slid through two stop signs with no cinders on them, and they’re just like sheets of ice. Someone ought to get those Public Works guys out and get them to do their job again, or get your director back.Slippery surfaceI’m driving on I-70, it’s dry as a bone. But the South Frontage Road of Vail, driving along there, it’s an absolute sheet of ice. They haven’t put any sand or anything on it, especially past the Cascade Hotel, that’s really dangerous there, because there’s no guardrails for the embankment. It’s ridiculous. I-70’s dry as a bone, and the Frontage Road is a ice sheet. What gives?Oh, the hardshipHey, Vail Resorts. I just have a question. How come the kids enrolled in Eagle County School Districts now have to have their parents buy a pass in order to get a good deal on a pass? You’re charging the kids $360 to be able to snowboard or ski with the stipulation it will be $180 if the parent gets a pass, and so we’re penalized if we don’t participate in our kids’ sports, but we want to encourage it? Come on, Vail Resorts, think about the people living in the valley.Called Veterans DayThis is in response to the person who wanted to know why the Eagle post office was closed at 3:30 Friday, Nov. 11. It was a holiday celebrating those who have served and are serving in the armed forces and giving that person freedom to call as well as go to the local post office. On-ramp rivalryI’m calling in response to the people calling about getting on the highway at 30 mph. There’s a guy in this older style black Audi, he knows who he is, who pulls out on the highway at 30 mph in front of me and doesn’t even have a turn signal on, and then he looks at me like, what’s your problem? … He just went flying by me now. I don’t get it.How to spend it$7 million in taxes from the conference center collected? Spend it on a West Vail fire station for the safety of our citizens. Spend it on a rec center for the health of our citizens. On a library for the fulfillment of our citizens. On Vail Golf Course, because it needs it. There’s a few very good ideas for how to use that money.We said no, so you …Don Rogers: Would you please stop being so opinionated in opposition to the Vail community’s interests? We voted that conference center down. Got it? Stop moaning. It’s not your town, it’s our town. Not Vail Resorts’ town, or the developer’s mecca, it is our town, and we who live here decide what’s going to happen, and we’re not naysayers just because we don’t share your opinionated views. Looks to me like you’re the one that has overreached your position. Get real.Just greatI’m calling in response to a Tipsline titled “What’s great.” It is a sad state of affairs when a student feels that “our school is so great because some students don’t get in.” Who decides which child deserves to attend, and which child should be passed by? How does one accurately predict who the best student will be throughout his or her school lifetime at the ages of 4 and 5?Deeper rootThe consequence, huh? I have a small business, and my happiness is the off-seasons, because that is the only time that I can actually take a vacation for some R&R. Thank you, and I do just fine as a small business.Give to schoolsConcerning the extra revenue that we have from the conference center fund that didn’t pass: Perhaps for the teachers and schools on short budgets, and with the teachers working so hard and the kids learning so much, perhaps there are extra needs to educate our kids and reward our teachers. Or … people could actually request specific grants or scholarships, even for just a small percentage of that funding, to make it available for various school groups to apply for things.Vail, Colorado

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