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Hate to see him goGood morning. Thank you for the Tipsline. First we have the gazebo problem, and then our memorial is stolen for the seniors of the town of Eagle, and now we do not understand and we feel very, very bad that they dismissed John Lowery, who was a wonderful senior coordinator. He did a lot of extra things for the seniors and took time out for them. A lot of people don’t understand all the jobs he did because he was a very quiet man and just did them. So we all feel bad, and there’s over 75 of us. We just don’t know why. Why? Why? Please help us. We understand there were three or four people that did this, and we had no say or were not approached on the question. But please, we all love John Lowery, and he did a wonderful, wonderful job for us, and we sure did appreciate everything. I’m sorry to see you leave, John, but we wish you all the best, and you will get better treatment, I’m quite sure, than in Eagle County.Perspective…. When I thought about something to complain about, I realized, hey, I live in Vail. Not much to complain about.Vail, Colorado

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