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Seriusly uncool

Matt Zalaznick, dude, you are an immature fool who has no concept of what it takes to provide you with the freedom to express yourself in your inconsequential newspaper. Words like the “Third Reich” and presidential “murder” will keep you where you belong, with a very limited forum.

You need a serious history lesson dude, why don’t you start with Munich in 1972, since you are ostensibly “opining” in a sports town. How about a real job for you, how about the Marines? Talk is cheap, what have you done lately?

Wasted funds?

Seventeen teachers from the district were sent to North Carolina for a TAP convention. They had their flights paid for, they were put up at the Hilton Head for the weekend in North Carolina, and I want to know, how many staff could we have hired to help these kids read better?

Daily incompetence

Yesterday’s Daily was a perfect example of how incompetent and pathetic a newspaper it is. Don Rogers spent a third of the page saying how great he was, how they destroyed the Vail Trail. Vail Trail destroyed themselves. You’re not supporting the Vail Trail now, it has become pathetic and thin. Tommy Boyd did a great job, I don’t know what happened to him.

But then, your incompetence is your headline screams that the theater at Cascade is in West Vail. The last time I checked, the Cascade is in Matterhorn. West Vail is the Safeway neighborhood, so the least you can do is have your people learn the neighborhoods in Vail. Absolute incompetence.


I am perplexed by Ms. Rubins’ being concerned about Palestinian rights.

Is she not concerned about Israeli security and determination?- It is a known fact that the IDF only tears down homes of people related to bombers and terrorists.- What, if any solutions does she propose?

And, by the way Ms. Rubin, that family standing on the street watching their house being torn down, did you notice one child is missing?

Vail Colorado

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