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Dude, you are an immature fool who has no concept of what it takes to provide you with the freedom to express yourself in your inconsequential newspaper. Words like the “Third Reich” and Presidential “murder” will keep you where you belong, with a very limited forum. You need a serious history lesson dude, why don’t you start with Munich in 1972, since you are ostensibly “opining” in a sports town. How about a real job for you, how about the Marines? Talk is cheap, what have you done lately?

TAP’d for funds?

Seventeen teachers from the district were sent to North Carolina for a TAP convention. They had their flights paid for, they were put up at the Hilton Head for the weekend in North Carolina, and I want to know, how many staff could we have hired to help these kids read better?

Quantity not quality

These are the words spoken by Paul Fillion, the grooming and slope maintenance manager for Vail Mountain. I overhead him at a bar stating that he wants quantity this year, not quality, and if anybody knows anything about skiing or grooming and slope maintenance who’s been up on the hill since the day it opened, the grooming this year is so sub-par it’s pathetic.

There are turn marks that are left, there are ridges that are left. Vail doesn’t want to keep quality employees to keep them over a period of time, they would rather the quantity of employees and only pay them $9 an hour, every year they have new rookies. The problem with that is they used to have quality employees to train those rookies, now this year all they have is rookies, and the grooming is terrible, and to be a resort who claims to be the number one ski area in the country, well that’s just downright pathetic. Paul Fillion should resign.

$7 million question

$7 million dollars. Hmmm. Should probably go to the West Vail Fire Station. Maybe a recreation area, indoor pools, weight rooms that are affordable for people who actually live here, but none to the library because they don’t let us use their own library anyways. Thanks.

Petty complaint

I wanted to call and complain about something petty and meaningless so I could read it in the paper and know what it feels like for half the morons that call into this Tipsline, but when I thought about something to complain about I realized, hey, I live in Vail. Not much to complain about.

Dog fight

At the recent dog control open house in Eagle, I was reminded of the famous line in a new TV show, “It’s Sunday morning at the Pentagon, can’t you just feel the love?” The atmosphere was hostile, the remarks snide. I understand the love the dog owners have for their pets, but it appears to have completely blinded them to the needs of others. Specifically, it has blinded them to the needs of dog owners who prefer to keep their dogs leashed. Some dogs just don’t play well with others, and it has blinded them to the vulnerability of children and the elderly. Children are little, and not as strong as a 120-pound dog. Some of the elderly are frail. These people need to look at the children and seniors in their own extended families, and ask themselves honestly, how would this person deal with being jumped on by a friendly, 120-pound dog? What is more shocking is that the town staff, who should know better, have not considered these concerns in their proposal.

Nude ‘n crude

Regarding the lady that wrote about the nudist colony in the gyms and rec. centers. Yeah, it’s true. It’s a nudist show. Extroverts. You just need to put your head down and not look up. That’s what I do, because it is quite disgusting when someone’s bending over for 5 or 10 minutes putting their lotion on and doing something else. You know? Not everybody likes to look at the Moon, and some other planets, like Uranus.

MTV ridiculous

I think this MTV thing on Vail Mountain is ridiculous. That’s just what we need is more young, reckless kids on the mountain. It’s not the MTV generation it used to be. There are some really childish kids watching these shows now without a brain in their head, and I think that Vail doesn’t need to have stuff like that. We’re a classy resort. We don’t want a bunch of high school kids running around on the mountain unsupervised. Thanks.

Thank the truckers

Suzanne Mueller here, Matterhorn Circle. Just want to give thanks, since it’s Thanksgiving, to all the truck drivers that deliver all the stuff that comes to our valley. Thank you very much for driving so cautiously and courteously through our valley. Thanks!

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