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Thanks, DonAs one who has been active in getting the convention center taxes overturned, I would like to thank Don Rogers for his inadvertent support. As a person who would never have to pay any of these taxes, his strident support of the convention center helped to get enough “No” votes.Can we talk?Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. May I say that, Merry Christmas? Is that allowed in our culture anymore? I was just watching a program, and no one is allowed to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. … May we say that? Wouldn’t that be a good idea, to say Merry Christmas to one another without worrying about the ACLU? Lawless GypsumWhen is town of Gypsum going to realize that we need our own police department? The Sheriff’s Office is … incompetent and worthless. They’re never around, they never catch anything, and my neighbor, who drives drunk three times a night is always ripping up and down the streets … . We need a real police department. This is a real community, and we need help.Oh, pleaseI’m calling about the “indoor playground sought” headline. It’s amazing to me that people up valley can sit there and think about having an indoor playground when they can’t even take care of their own children, or play with their own children in their own homes. Are they afraid that they’re going to break something in their home that they can’t replace?Throwing cold waterBeing a longtime Vail resident and seeing the redevelopment of the Vail Village and all of the dollars that have been invested into the new walkways on Bridge Street and Seibert Circle, and all the controversy around Seibert Circle, I was just curious as to why with all the money, all the dollars, and all the concern, why when it snowed this weekend the top of Seibert Circle and many different parts of Bridge Street did not reflect the heating elements that were put in there as far as keeping snow off the streets. Does this mean we’re going to have to go back in and plow those streets again and tear up all those bricks? What kind of foresight do our town planners and council people have with this new council to bring forward more responsible spending and not to make Vail more of a Disneyland, but actually recreate Vail to be the village that it used to be? It’s losing its ambiance with heated streets, we’re losing our money by putting all this money into heating the streets, and it doesn’t seem to work.Vail, Colorado

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