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Immigration, solvedI was reading your paper about all the immigration things, yeah we do have an immigration problem. My way of thinking is, stay home, take care of our own space. If we don’t like them, don’t do business with them. You have other options, you don’t have to go to their businesses. You can go to other businesses. They want your money anyway, they don’t want you, but they want your money, so you might as well go to somebody who cares about the community, keeps the money in the state instead of sending it back to Mexico. For me, I won’t ever go to Mexico for vacation, because they want our money and they don’t want us, so maybe we should send all of them home, back to their resorts, and we just stay here, and that’s the end of the problem.Forum for allThe Vail Daily really will print whatever hallucinogenic drivel someone sends in. The recent series on UFOs is right over the top. Why is the only daily newspaper in Eagle County no more than yellow trash journalism? Maybe working?Hey. Just wanting to know what the Vail police officer was doing on Tuesday in the back level of the Lionshead parking structure, just kind of hanging out. Just wondering where our tax dollars are going, instead of outside patrolling the streets or helping our guests with customer service. That’s it.Mental gymnasticsDon Rogers doesn’t get it. No council members scorned Crossroads, and no council members felt it to be an unimportant project as asserted by Kaye Ferry. The fact is that four council members felt that Mr. Knobel’s project totally ignored the laws of Vail, which council members are sworn to uphold. The law can be changed, and VRI did it for their Lionshead and front-door projects. It cannot be ignored. …Vail, Colorado

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