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Be warnedI was just calling to send a notice to the so-called plow drivers in the Vail Valley. The people that you’re actually plowing in overnight in these driveways are the people that actually own the parking lots and are paying your salaries. So if you value that contract that you have, think about having a little bit of class when you’re blocking in all these cars and damaging them, because you will be held responsible, and you will pay.More open spaceThe town officials are faced with the decision regarding what to do with the revenues collected to pay for the now-rejected conference center. Could those funds be used to purchase green space in Vail to offset the massive construction taking place in Vail? Imagine a green space at the entrance to Vail an area of trees and gardens where the Chateau Vail stood instead of another massive structure like the Four Seasons, something that pleases the eye and is inviting to locals and tourists. Maybe even accommodate an outdoor skating rink in the winter.There are communities where property owners are very agreeable to a small annual assessment on their property to pay for open space. Something that truly benefits the public. W. LarsonGuns for totsI got a feeling here in the next five years we should start teaching all kids in schools how to shoot weapons, because we’re teaching our kids love and peace and everything else while kids around the world are learning how to take automatic weapons apart at 7 or 8 years old. So I think we should start teaching our kids how to use guns, because when the older generation is gone, nobody’s going to know how to shoot a gun, and they won’t know how to defend themselves. That’s the way this crazy world is. Time to start teaching Weapons I and II.Parking painWhat is the deal with the town of Vail raising the rates on the value pass parking, which is for locals? The only segment of the parking public that got their rates raised, and we know that the locals are making more money than the tourists, but is it really fair that every year they make it more difficult for the value parking? Last year it was pay and display, you had to walk all the way back to your vehicle. This year we’re the only parking group to have the rates raised. Give us a break here. You’ve got to make it a little bit more attractive for the locals, or you’re going to lose the locals. And guess what, if you lose the locals, you lose the service to the guests. I don’t think the town wants that. I don’t think the businesses want that. And I know Vail Resorts doesn’t want that. Let’s rethink the parking for the locals.As if …What an obvious headline, “Government reform begun?” As if we don’t reform our government every time we vote. As if this country didn’t begin because of government reform. As if this idea of representative government in Eagle County didn’t get moved to the front burner so that Jackie Whitsett might finally get elected as an Eagle County commissioner. Perhaps each order should contain a provision that no person serving to draw up the charter can be elected as a county commissioner for 10 years, same principle as for legislators that they don’t receive the benefit of a pay increase created while they were in office. As if having five county commissioners from specific areas of the county will mean that they are any smarter or fight less. Probably means just having to build more offices, pay more salaries, make more copies. As if the charter did not get a big boost when the other Democrat county commissioner in the previous terms sided against Arn time and time again. … As if saying political parties won’t or can’t be a factor in county commissioner races will make it so. As if, as if, as if … Wouldn’t need publicIf the Vail conference center is such a good idea, how come private enterprise hasn’t built it yet?Whatever, dudeWay to go, Matt Zalaznick. Nice column. Everybody in the whole town’s all fired up. Have you noticed that the world is seriously overpopulated and that the wages suck? I don’t think there’s anyone more universally despised than you in this community. You better wake up, dude. Drink some coffee that’s not decaffeinated or something. You’ve really missed the ball on this immigrant thing. Sure, Bush is an idiot, and we should impeach him, but you’ve got to start looking at the whole world, universally. See ya.Move overWinter driving tips. First off, when it is icy and snowy, everybody should take their time. Slow down. There’s no reason to rush. All of us who live here, we all know that mountain winter driving conditions can be treacherous. But, if the roads are bad, there is absolutely no reason for you to be in the fast lane going 40 miles an hour, with another car next to you in the slow lane. Move over. If you don’t have a fancy, 4-wheel drive SUV that you can do 70 mph in the snow, just move over. Take your time. Get to work safely, get to the mountain safely. What have you. But the inside lane is the travel lane, and you shouldn’t be in it unless you can pass traffic. Another expertI just want to say it never ceases to amaze me how many people never put their headlights on, especially in a blizzard. In blizzard conditions, half the people on the road don’t even have their headlights on. Put your headlights on. You should have them on at all times, and especially in a blizzard, and you know who some of the worst ones are? Cops. They’re the worst ones. As a matter of fact, I just drove by a state trooper in the ditch. Pretty funny. Watch me goThis winter, I’ve been given the bird by several people on the roads during snowstorms while driving my 4-wheel drive pickup truck. I have a $500 set of tires, and everybody seems to let me know, walking into the parking lots, that I need to learn how to slow down or I’ll end up in the ditch. Well, my response to you guys is, you need to learn how to drive, you need to invest more money into snow tires instead of booze and alcohol, and you need to get a 4-wheel drive instead of a 2-wheel drive, because you guys are not prepared for this winter season, and then you want to put all the blame on someone that’s totally safe and prepared, driving maybe 5-10 mph faster than you, while you’re in my way. I’m just wondering when you’re going to end up in the ditch for driving so slow and reckless. If you don’t feel I’m driving safe, maybe you’re just too scared and you should go home and watch television, that is of course if the electricity works in your home.Paying for what?This is in regard to the Miller Ranch Homeowners Association dues and property management. It’s now Sunday morning, the property looks like crap, still hasn’t been plowed, still hasn’t been cleaned. For the amount of money that each individual person pays per unit, you’d think they could get it done. Secondly, all the trash cans for all the doggy poop, they’re overflowing. Where’s the money going? Somebody’s getting rich on our account. …Vail, Colorado

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