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Ice in a ski town?I’d like to suggest that maybe what Vail could do with some of that $7 million they have on hand is to keep the frontage roads in better condition. They’re absolutely horrible this year. First they were covered with snow. Now they’re solid ice. I’ve seen cars in the ditch every single day. Maybe everybody should start calling the town of Vail and complaining and they would do something about it.Obey signsThe Vail Mountain safety tip of the week. Please obey all posted signs and warnings. Stay off of closed trails. If you are on a closed trail, you will lose your ski riding privileges. Runs are frequently closed for maintenance and snowmaking. Shopping spreeThis is Stephanie and I’d really like to thank Columbine Market in Gypsum. My grandmother from New York, Carol, won the shopping spree, and we would like to thank them. And also, we love the food that was out. It was very nice. And thank you.Such visionariesI heard Howard Dean’s comment this morning that we cannot win this war, and I found that quite interesting. He’s a Democrat, and his compatriot, John Kerry, also said that back in the early ’80s when Ronald Reagan was president that we could not win the Cold War, we must tame it. What visionaries we have in the Democratic Party.Can’t drive in snowWell, I’ll bet the cross country skiers of Avon are pretty happy that the town of Avon set up all these new cross country trails for them … . Right down through the middle of town, too. Makes for easy access to all the businesses. Got to watch out for all those lava rocks, though. They’re still occasionally there from the last time that the maintenance people decided to grace us with their presence. … There’s people having accidents. We had a fatality last month, possibly because the roads aren’t being cleared. Hello? The last four days we had a major snow event and a couple of moderate ones, and they haven’t been touched. … There’s too many people skidding around, there’s too many accidents happening, and the roads are unsafe. Please, get out there and do something about it. Still a citizen?I wonder if your commentary from Ross Palmer, is he going to give up his citizenship for bad- mouthing this country? …Faithful criticHere’s a tip for Richard Carnes on his ramblings on merry holidays. Maybe in your world, Christmas is not associated with religion, with Santa bringing your kids X-boxes and all, but there are more Christians in this country than people like you. …So goThis is in response to Ross Palmer’s “Why we’re leaving the U.S.” I think the best thing that Ross Palmer and his family did was leave America. People like that are only a harm to this country, and I wish he’d take all those that feel the same way with him. God bless America.Vail, Colorado

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