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Never used on-ramp?Hey, I’m a local. Wondering why most people get on the interstate doing 35 mph. Most of the people who are tourists probably don’t know that they’re entering a 65 mph zone. They should probably put a sign on every on ramp that says “now entering a 65 mph zone.” So many people almost get cut off. I mean they enter the interstate at 35 mph. It’s kind of ridiculous.DependentI think if the Mexicans stop working for a single day, the economy of the United States would go down for sure, so I think you just have to live with us. I’m sorry, but I think this guy is really discriminating, and he needs to know a little bit more about Mexicans and all the immigrants, because this county is mainly immigrants. That’s all I have to say.All over nowI was reading “immigration solved” about sending all the Mexicans home to Mexico and not going to Mexico on vacation. That sounds great, except for one problem. The World Trade Organization is asking the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate for the Congress to sign over the Immigration Act to the World Trade Organization. I learned that on Lou Dobbs last night. All our jobs are going and it’s alzxl due to the World Trade Organization. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what they’re looking to do.Phantom crossingI was calling regarding the stop sign on the Blue Bridge Road in Edwards. I was just wondering what prevailing wisdom in our community decided to put a stop sign at a phantom railway crossing where there’s no traffic. It’s just a cause for accidents and incidents especially because nobody seems to maintain that road or put any gravel down. So we appreciate it. Thanks for the good ideas.Men’s egosI find it very sad your article about the hiker up in Mount Holy Cross with the lady that is missing. What stupidity on his part and what an ego he has when he knew that he left the lunch and their water back, but he still went to go take the hike. The ego of a man will always get you in trouble. Most egos have brought men in history down. All due to the ego of a man versus a woman. Women have egos, but still have consciences, and they don’t take undue risks. She was trusting in him and that unfortunately was too bad. Parking gripeI’ve been a Vail resident for years, but this year they’re charging people money to park their car overnight. I think this is ridiculous. To pay at 3 a.m. only makes people drive drunk. That’s unsafe. I think they should not charge at all for locals until 10 a.m.zVail, Colorado

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