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Illness for allI just read Elizabeth H. Chicoine’s column, “The 10 most fascinating people here.” Thanks for the column. Person No. 4 was anonymous. “Any woman in Vail fighting cancer in Vail is my hero.” My comment is, why has cancer become sexist in the last two years? All I hear is buddy check, run this, walk that, Snow Shuffle here, pink ribbons, all for breast cancer. Please don’t get me wrong. I hope any woman who gets breast cancer, any type of cancer, fights it until they win. But remember, cancer is not only a woman’s disease. Please don’t make it sound like the Shaw Cancer Center has a sign out front that says, “Women only.”No labor shortage?Matt Zalaznick better get a clue, I’ll tell you. If you guys fired him, and he looked for work in this valley, he would realize how pernicious the outsourcing is and how incredibly bad the wages are compared to the cost of living. It’s nice that he’s on a salary, and he sits there and writes these zany columns, but he just is not getting a realistic perspective of the situation that we all have to tolerate in this valley. Ross Palmer wrote a column why he’s leaving the U.S. Because we’re turning this place into a Third World country. I have friends that call Denver a Third World city. So anyway, you guys put any slant on it you like. The reality is, we need to keep the jobs. There’s not an unending amount of jobs available, so we’ve got to keep them for our citizens. That’s all it us, it’s not racism, it’s not xenophobia, it’s none of that, it’s just common sense. Have a nice day.Legal purchaseThis is directed to Christian Cantata of Edwards, who wrote a letter on Monday. Christian, you have some good points, but the bottom line is being here illegally is still illegal. It’s a felony. If we want to start turning our backs on felons, and felonious behavior in this country, then we have a real problem. I think that you need to realize that, and I don’t think that the people who want the laws of the country upheld are racist or have any sort of prejudice against your kind of people, like you say. You also need to realize that Mexico sold out its own land to the United States in the Gadsden Purchase. You need to research that. We didn’t land-jack anyone. It was bought with American money, and they were willing to take the money, so blame your own government, not us. TipslineNo real plow?I was just wondering if anybody could answer my question why doesn’t Minturn have a real plow truck. Excellent service!This is a regular customer at Fiesta’s, and I would like to give a shout-out to Alena and Lydia and Patrice on Tuesdays. They do a wonderful job. Great customer service, great team. If you ever need a great place to go, it’s the place to go for lunch on Tuesday afternoons. Thanks to them for doing such a great job and giving me excellent customer service and never getting upset when you have too many meetings, and I just appreciate it. Great jobI’d like to compliment the town of Avon for doing an outstanding job of plowing and cindering all their roads this year. It seems like they do a great job year after year.Back to that?I just want to throw one out to the powers to be out there and see if anybody has an answer or some thoughts about the slimy poison mag chloride that is being put on the road by CDOT. …

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