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Blank wallsI am just wondering if the owner of the cinema building in Eagle Ranch ever thought of having artwork on their blank, stucco walls. Leadville is a good example. Local artists have depicted scenes from Leadville’s past on walls that would otherwise be an empty space. Just a thought. Rich Mahoney, Eagle Ranch.So tough, so dumbI’m getting really tired of all these hotshots doing Tipslines or letters about how nobody knows how to drive in the snow and that people should get off the road, etc. These tough guys are the people we see in the ditch every day, while that those of us who go nice and slow on the icy roads make it safely to our destination. Unless, of course, one of you guys going 70-80 mph on ice is to hit us or knock us off the road. Slow, down. SUVs slide out, too.Get betterJust a tip for the Vail community. Erich Windisch, I hope you get better, hope you get out of the hospital. Vail still needs you for a few more years …Can’t workWith regards to the Wisdom of the Web on Dec. 14, how can the Board of Education and John Brendza possibly believe that the TAP program could actually improve student CSAP scores? Taking mentor teachers, who are classroom teachers, out of the classroom to evaluate other teachers can’t possibly improve student achievement since they’re not in the classroom. Hmmm. I wonder when this TAP program will end?All on youIt all boils down to one thing. It’s not the town of Vail or any other town or CDOT’s fault. It’s not their lack of ability to predict the weather, and it’s not the below zero temperatures that cause lots of ice and make the thousands of gallons of mag chloride ineffective. It’s not the tire shops with the two-hour wait when it’s snowing, and it’s not even the snow or ice. Eighty percent of all winter accidents are caused by a loss of lateral stability, and 40 percent of those accidents can be attributed to vehicles with insufficient tread, and who knows how many winter accidents are caused by improper or insufficient driving skills or driver error. It all boils down to one thing. A person’s lack of ability to get and be prepared for winter. Try winter tires, people. Take a winter driving class. Leave early for work. Take responsibility for your own safety. Don’t leave it for CDOT, or the town of Vail, or anybody else. Just quit pointing fingers and take care of it.Melting pot… This is a melting pot. Get off the Mexicans. Vail, Colorado

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