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Oh, pleaseRegarding “Ice on the frontage roads”: The first words I can say is give them a break. Where do you live? You live in the mountains. What happens in the mountains when there’s precipitation in the air? It falls to the ground as this white, fluffy stuff that we all hope and pray so much for called snow to bring all the guests and all the people and bring all the money into town so we can survive in this ski town where it snows. Give those guys a break driving those plow trucks. You don’t know what their standard operation is and how they function or how they work. Give them a break. Maybe slow down a little bit. Move out of the way. Don’t challenge them. Those guys are out there working hard every night to keep the roads safe for people like you who all you do is whine and complain. If you don’t want to drive on snowy and ice-packed roads, it’s simple. Move to Florida. Complain in their paper. But seriously. With the best snow on record that we’ve had in the mountains? Beat it. No one wants to hear it. Speaking clearlyThis is Tiffany Lyons. I had left a message for Columbine Market and the shopping spree. My name is Tiffany, not Stephanie. And thank you for printing it.So take busI’m responding to the people who obviously can’t drive in the snow. I’m just going to ask them to take the bus, learn how to drive. I think the plow drivers are doing a great job. It is Colorado, if they don’t like it, they can move back to Texas.Record snowThis is in regards to ice in a ski town. Actually, the roads are in great shape considering the subzero temperatures we’ve had this winter. Today is Dec. 13 and we’ve had record amounts of snowfall in Vail. So if you don’t like the snow, move somewhere else.Give it back, pleaseTo whomever borrowed or stole Cowboy Golf from 342 Main St. in Minturn. Please return it as soon as possible. …Share mountainVail Mountain’s safety tip of the week. People ahead of you have the right of way. In busy areas, we all need to slow down and respect each other’s space. Share the mountain in crowded areas.Vail, Colorado

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