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Great job!I want to commend Susan Boyd, Cricket Pyleman and the staff at the Vail Library for a wonderful family holiday event. The annual holiday party was a huge success with fantastic crafts, a great sing-a-long, and of course a magical visit by Santa Claus. I don’t know how they get him to Vail each year, but the kids are always surprised, enthralled and delighted with the visit from the one, true Santa. Thank you, Vail Library, for a memorable experience for our children.Too bigThis is Michael Cacioppo. Bobby Ginn’s proposal that would bypass state and county regulations is in fact too big. My liberal friends are hypocritical when they want Edwards to be a town to control its own destiny but then they don’t want the town of Minturn to control its density. Andy Weissner is correct that the Ginn proposal is too big. Hopefully the Minturn Council will scale it back.C this?To all you suckers who voted for Referendum C to give more funding to higher education: Aren’t you glad this will enable the University of Colorado to pay $3 million to buy out football coach Gary Barnett’s contract? Not to mention all the other questionable items in the recently released audit of CU’s football program. Do you wonder why they waited until after the election before these boondoggles were made public?Mad at librarianThis Tipsline is addressed to an outrageously rude librarian at the Avon library. A few days ago I approached her in a friendly manner to obtain a temporary library pass that everyone is entitled to with a valid ID,which I provided. Long story short, I have never in my life witnessed such nasty and rephrensible behavior in my life. She was rowdily in my face and also physically crossed the line. I asked her to lower her voice and back up but she had already grabbed my valid temporary pass that her coworker upstairs had just issued a moment ago and roughly tore it up. I’m sure other people have had bad run ins with this woman because I highly doubt that her embarrassing manner is a rarity. Her behavior was 100 percent unprovoked and deplorable. …Some mythThe Iranian president called the Holocaust a myth? Is the Iranian president a myth, or is he just crazy? … Holocaust a myth? Hmm. Tell that to all those dead Jewish people. Doggone peopleHave you ever noticed that at these dog leash law meetings in Eagle the proponents of basically rescinding the dog leash law, all of their sentences start with, “I want,” or “I don’t want.” Such as, “I want to be able to walk my dog.” “I want this, I want that.” There’s absolutely no consideration for the needs, the desires or the safety of other people, and that’s their problem. That’s what they need to change. They need to become part of a community, not a self-centered little world of one.Pick up after pooch I would like you to help me word out about people picking up after their dogs. … I pick up after my dog. I just finished a walk today and see that a couple of people have not picked up. No wonder people don’t want dogs around. …Vail, Colorado

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