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That ego thingI was just going to respond to “Men with egos.” Put a question mark behind it, and put “women have no egos, they’re just plain weird.” Need more detailThis is concerning the Vail Daily’s online poll about Christmas trees. You have some categories labeled wrong. A. If you do have a live tree, that would be one that is in a pot that is still growing, or is it one that has been cut down? So technically A. would be a dead tree, and B. artificial, and then C. you could have either a live potted or you could even call it a free range tree, and then D. would be no tree at all.What’s that about?So does somebody pay Alex Miller to write stories for your paper? I can’t believe that in the middle of an article about Christmas carols you’ve still got to throw in a jab about President Bush. I can’t believe your hatred is so strong that you need to throw it in the middle of an article about Christmas songs. You, my friend, are a complete and utter moron.That safe?I was at the Avon Rec Center and they were running some movies over there in the pool area. They’ve got electrical equipment set up on the edge of the pool deck, they’ve got extension cords running across the wet pool deck. How old are those extension cords? Do they know that they’re not broken or trashed? The kids don’t know. It’s one thing the adults know, but the kids don’t know. They’ve got them plugged into the wall under the little chairs, and they’ve got rubber mats over them, but there’s water everywhere. Why put them at risk? Why not put the movies upstairs where they’ll watch them, because they’re not watching them anyway. Put the projector up in the ceiling where it belongs. Put the speakers in the ceiling. It’s all sitting on the side of the pool deck. All it takes is one mistake.Vail, Colorado

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