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Don’t diss O’ReillyI have to agree with another writer that Matt Zalaznick better get a clue. His comments about the “O’Reilly Factor” are way off base. Bill O’Reilly is one of the few talk show people that have a handle on what reality is and what’s going on in this country. His statement about the commercialization of Christmas, all of the stuff he sells, including the stuff with the “O’Reilly Factor” name on it, goes to charity. It doesn’t go to his pocket. So Matt, get a life, dude. You don’t have a clue. It’s not O’Reilly, it’s you, Matt.On the wish list?Perhaps I can answer your Dec. 17 question about why Minturn doesn’t have a real plow truck. I believe it’s because Bobby Ginn hasn’t bought our lazy …, sell-out town government one. I think that’s it, pretty much. Any other questions, let ’em fly.Can’t have thatI’m wondering. Is ECO Transit going to put “Happy Easter” on its buses this spring? They already clearly endorse and display a religion on their buses in December, a religion I’m not part of. I’m wondering, though, why my tax dollars are being used to specifically endorse that particular religion. Also, displaying religious slogans on the bus is certainly going to offend a number of their holiday guests.Kurt VonnegutThis one’s for Matt and his research staff. I was wondering if he could help me remember who made the famous quote. Was it Aristotle, Xerxes or Tolame who said, “Opinions are like *. Everybody’s got one.” Peace.None that payI love your headline. It’s very amusing, I’m telling you. “There’s a lot of jobs out there.” Why do you think there’s a lot of jobs out there? Because they only pay $9 an hour. Nobody’s willing to waste their time for no money. I mean, give me a break. “It’s not easy to fill positions,”… Christa Miller, human resources representative, town of Vail. Yeah, that’s because nobody wants to work. The kids from Denver would rather go back to Denver where the cost of living is half. How would you like to pay a mortgage on nine bucks an hour? You’d have to work 100 hours a week. Just give us a break, here. It’s the death of the middle class at this pace. Little sensitive?Vail Daily journalist Alex Miller slams the sport of snowmobiling in his very first sentence in his Sunday article about skier/snowboarder closures, which are being implemented to protect wildlife habitat from areas accessible from Vail Mountain. Even though snowmobiling has nothing to do with his article, he starts it with, “One need not be racing a snowmobile through through the woods to disrupt wildlife.” You’ve got that right. In fact, since Alex must be some sort of journalist, maybe he could actually research the number of animals run down (or disturbed) by these “racing snowmobiles” in the entire country, in every single state, over the past 50 years and then compare it to the numbers of wildlife killed between the Avon and Singletree exits in the past 48 hours. It would be interesting to see which one comes out on top. But we all know, he won’t bother.Some sand, too, pleaseI’d like to thank and acknowledge the town of Vail snowplows for doing a good job on the main interstate and frontage roads. I would also like to add that those of us that live out on the roads behind those main arteries feel deeply neglected. Please. Don’t just plow, put down some sand. We could avoid lots and lots of accidents if the snowplows would not only come by, but lay the sand also. There are so many slippery intersections at places that go onto the frontage road where the cars slip and I see fender benders. If they would utilize more sand and less chemical, perhaps we could eliminate the majority of these fender benders, which are scary to all. Thank you, town of Vail. Use the sand. Please.Give all kids a chanceWhat is with most of the coaches in this valley? From peewees to middle school, then to high school kids, have heard from the coaches that they are either too small or even some have told kids that if they lose some weight they would be better at their sport. There is a reason for these kids to be participating in these sports. That is because they love the sport and just want to play. How are these kids supposed to better themselves if the coaches don’t give them a chance to play? Maybe we wouldn’t have such a dropout rate in sports if the coaches would let all kids play. In middle and high school I have noticed that the coaches generally acknowledge the star players and really don’t give these smaller or less advanced kids a second look. Maybe we would have more championships if they molded the kids from peewee, middle, C team and JV to be better athletes. We probably would have more kids going out for sports if they knew that maybe they had a chance to play. I have seen a only a few coaches that play every kid and try them in different positions and find what is best for that kid. My hat is off to these coaches. Thanks for believing in the smaller kids.Roundabout waysIn the roundabout, it says to yield and proceed slowly into the roundabout. What don’t people understand? It does not say to stop. It means yield and proceed with caution. I mean, my God. Please. Do any of these people have a clue on the driving definition of stop and yield? Vail, Colorado

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