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Ah, the snow!I just want to say what a blessing it is that we have such a beautiful, beautiful snow season so far. We’ve gotten so much. It’s a winter wonderland, and I just am so thankful. I love it up here, and I just want to say Happy Holidays to the valley. Get out there and enjoy the snow.Not in theater!My husband and I went to the theater on Sunday evening to see King Kong, which is rated PG-13. It was a 7:30 show, and sitting right behind us was a family with a bunch of little kids that were little-little. They also had a baby in a carry-all that took up one seat, and teenagers with cell phones, and just obnoxious people. We paid $8.50 to see the movie, as did all the other adults and people in there. I really don’t like the fact that when you pay $8.50 to go see a movie that you have people talking on their cell phones. Little kids shouldn’t even be in there, and babies crying and people that don’t have enough sense to take their babies out. The mother that sat right behind us with her husband and the rest of her kids let her baby cry and keep shushing him and didn’t even bother to get up once to take him out. The gentlemen next to us did turn around several times and requested that they take the baby out, or maybe it wasn’t an appropriate movie to have the baby out, and they just kept questioning, what? What? They almost got into an altercation because of him speaking out. But there were a lot of people around us that also voiced the same opinion, silently. …YahooThis is in regards to all the people complaining about why the roads are so slick and icy. 1. I did not vote for your buddy, G.W. Bush. I voted for a Democrat that supports plowing the roads. 2. I own a 4-wheel drive, and I kinda enjoy whipping my truck around the roundabouts, trying to get it out of control, and I’ve lived here 16 years, and I have yet to go into a ditch. See Tipsline, page AXXSo if you think I’m going to end up in a ditch, I’m still waiting to see it for the last 16 years living here. Anyway, you guys need to go home and watch some television, or ride the bus, or take the taxicab, or move back to Texas. If you can’t handle driving your car on the powder, how are you supposed to ski or board in it? Maybe you’re the one complaining about Vail Mountain’s safety tip of the week. If somebody’s in front of me, and they want to make a hard left and a hard right going down a black diamond, no one is there, but yet they’re always in front of you, because they hit one side of the trees to the next, you can’t watch out for those goobers. Tell them they need to look uphill once in a while before they make these hard lefts and rights.Awesome, dudeThe snow sliding in Vail has been sick. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.Bruised spiritToday just ruined my holiday spirit. I had to confront a couple of families on child behavoir in the village. … I witnessed a dozen of kids throwing snowballs at cars at a bus stop, parents laughing at the whole process. The parents were from South America and thought nothing of it. They thought I was wrong and made me out to be the bad guy. The bus stop was near the hospital, a place where mainly people who live there drive that road. They though I was some local who had no right to tell them their kids were doing wrong because no one stopped. All I know is when I’m in another country I try to be as polite as possible. … Cost of livingI live in Red Cliff. Starting Jan. 1, we get to pay $123 a month for water and sewer.Library rageI was reading the Tipsline “Mad about librarian” in Avon. I am another person that has totally been harassed by the Avon librarian. My son’s card was expired and I went in to get books and they said he couldn’t have books because it was expired, and they were so rude. Very, very rude. I had to go above and beyond her, which didn’t help whatsoever, but yes, the Avon library has very, very rude librarians.Ski safeVail Mountain safety tip of the week. Powder skiing is the most awesome ski riding there is. But remember. Always ski and ride with a friend, take a lesson to improve your powder abilities, and enjoy this awesome season Vail Mountain is having.Don’t like pipeThe halfpipe has just opened and it is totally the worst halfpipe that Vail has had since people were cutting them by hand. The fact that our snowboard park ever used to be in the top parks is amazing, because it doesn’t show at all now. It’s ironic that it’s an Olympic year and there’s such a terrible halfpipe. … Come on, Vail park crew. Why don’t you just fix the halfpipe?Too scaredThe Vail Mountain arson fires did silence local support. It’s no wonder. Everyone who opposed it locally was afraid the FBI would be kicking their doors in. … Now the Forest Service has closures all around it saying it’s critical lynx habitat.How come?I was just wondering if one of these genius commissioners can explain in the paper how building five homes on the Palmerosa is more of an impact than the 40,000-square-foot house that was built on the other side of Pilgrim Downs and all the roads and all the undercutting he did through there and all the ATVs and the snowmobiles that are run all over that property? How is that less of an impact than five homes on the Palmerosa? I mean, really, come on people. This is sad. And how is that less of an impact than what’s going on in the Gypsum Valley, where on Sky Legend they’re building hundreds of homes, and on Brightwater they’re building hundreds of homes. Which affects the elk in much more of a way than five homes on the Palmerosa will. It’s the same thing how people are talking about the dwindling wildlife. Well these are the same people that bought 72 acres in Eaton Ranch for what was it, $12 million? You couldn’t spend that maybe on those ranches up the Gypsum Valley where the elk winter every year? No, no, no. …Hey, thanks!Here’s a happy holidays to the very honest person who picked up my wife’s purse on the bench outside of Vendetta’s and turned it in. Merry Christmas, and it’s great to know there are some honest people left in the world. Thank you very much.Holiday conspiracyMany of the county decisions at this point in the calendar year appear to historically be driven around the fact that many of us are distracted during the holidays, or taking care of more important priorities, and historically we see that the decisions that have been made during this period of time in Minturn and things like that tend to we find out the deeper and truer meaning of them later on down the road. It appears that we in the county are allowing these things to pass us by, so I think if anybody knows how we can put a little bit of a halt to that until we have time to understand and see it and kind of take control of our county leaders versus be controlled by them, please put a tip in. I’d like to know how to do that. Thank you.Call themJust wanted to let Verizon Wireless customers know that if they’re having signal problems where they’ve never had before, especially in Intermountain, they should call Verizon customer service, ask to be connected to technical support, and inform them of the problem. Until a lot of people call, they’re not going to make this an alert.Tip trollingTo all those people putting their children in ski school, or taking lessons themselves with the holiday season here. Ski instructors don’t really make that much money. For what one person pays for a group lesson, we don’t even make that much. We don’t make what one person pays, and when we take out a class, especially children, of seven or eight kids, we really pride ourselves. We take the kids up, we take them onto a mountain, we bring them back safe and sound, and most always they have a good time, so throwing us a little extra cash to let us know you appreciate how much we’ve taken care of your children and provided them with a safe environment would really be great, especially during the holidays times. Thank you very much.W., the moderateI’ve never voted for George W. Bush because he is a moderate, but it is my hope that the liberals will impeach President Bush because then I would have a conservative president in Dick Cheney. This is Michael Cacioppo.Spray moreI was just wondering and calling to compliment CDOT. Could you please put more mag chloride on the roads. It’s awesome. It’s so nice driving in the fog and the mist in the morning from 20 million gallons of mag chloride on the road. Has anyone researched this stuff to see what it does to our lungs as it comes through our car vents? Vail, Colorado

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