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How come?I was just wondering if one of these genius commissioners can explain in the paper how building five homes on the Palmerosa is more of an impact than the 40,000-square-foot house that was built on the other side of Pilgrim Downs and all the roads and all the undercutting he did through there and all the ATVs and the snowmobiles that are run all over that property? How is that less of an impact than five homes on the Palmerosa? I mean, really, come on people. This is sad. And how is that less of an impact than what’s going on in the Gypsum Valley, where on Sky Legend they’re building hundreds of homes, and on Brightwater they’re building hundreds of homes. Which affects the elk in much more of a way than five homes on the Palmerosa will. It’s the same thing how people are talking about the dwindling wildlife. Well these are the same people that bought 72 acres in Eaton Ranch for what was it, $12 million? You couldn’t spend that maybe on those ranches up the Gypsum Valley where the elk winter every year? No, no, no. …Too scaredThe Vail Mountain arson fires did silence local support. It’s no wonder. Everyone who opposed it locally was afraid the FBI would be kicking their doors in. … Now the Forest Service has closures all around it saying it’s critical lynx habitat.Vail Colorado

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