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Holiday conspiracyMany of the county decisions at this point in the calendar year appear to historically be driven around the fact that many of us are distracted during the holidays, or taking care of more important priorities, and historically we see that the decisions that have been made during this period of time in Minturn and things like that tend to we find out the deeper and truer meaning of them later on down the road. It appears that we in the county are allowing these things to pass us by, so I think if anybody knows how we can put a little bit of a halt to that until we have time to understand and see it and kind of take control of our county leaders versus be controlled by them, please put a tip in. I’d like to know how to do that. Call themJust wanted to let Verizon Wireless customers know that if they’re having signal problems where they’ve never had before, especially in Intermountain, they should call Verizon customer service, ask to be connected to technical support, and inform them of the problem. Until a lot of people call, they’re not going to make this an alert.Vail, Colorado

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