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Sorely missed

I also knew Rudi Fisher personally for many, many years and what a wonderful, kind Christian man he was and he will be sorely missed.

He never had an unkind word to say about anyone or anything. He truly was a good man.

Holiday run

I think we need a Hannukah run since we have a Christmas run, and I think everyone needs to go to Game Creek Club, because it is a fabulous dinner.

And I think that everybody at the Vail Daily should have a very happy new year.

You guys are the greatest. Thank you so much for the wonderful paper.

Hard line

I’m calling in regards to the couple complaining about the movies on Sunday watching “King Kong.” I was next door in the movie theater on Sunday watching Syriana, and I heard the little kid crying like he was behind doors in the hallway crying.

If I would have known it was “King Kong,” I would have probably walked in there and told the little kid to be quiet or give me $8.50.

Vail, Colorado

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