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Always thatRegarding the gangs and stuff, all the Coloradoans need to remember is the “make my day” law. You don’t even have to ask who it is. If somebody breaks into your house for anything, you’ve got a right to defend yourself. …Level thingsYour articles seem to be fairly soft on the illegal immigration issue. One important factor, I believe, to level the playing field, as Mexico is definitely a land of many opportunities, is the fact that Americans cannot work, are not allowed to own a business, and in some cases cannot own property in the country of Mexico. We should keep this in mind when negotiating immigration visas and taking on Mexico’s lowest-class workers and relieving Mexico of a problem. There needs to be some negotiation with the Mexican government allowing Americans a lot more freedom in Mexico. Things could drastically change.Wrong worryThis is for Michael Cacioppo. Don’t worry about the liberal judges not following the Constitution. What about that clown of a president that got selected?Welcome signWhen is the latest Sur 13 gang writing that is on our brand-new pedestrian bridge near the Eagle Town roundabout going to be dealt with? Or are we going to leave it as the latest “Welcome To Eagle” sign? You know, “Ice Rink Here,” “Golf Course here,”and “Gang Location Here.” Cultural diversity and varied residents interests at its finest?Not immigrationI just wanted to say that the Vail Daily headline of last Monday was incorrect. There is no immigration debate. It is a debate on illegal immigration. There’s a big difference.DevelopmentThis is in response to the letter to the editor for “Double talk.” I don’t think the writer actually understands the cycle of life or what’s really going on. You need to do some research, because the only thing that has really caused the deer and elk population to diminish and to be reduced is your house, is suburbia. The growth of human beings into their territory and the taking of their territory for your houses, your little Vail Resorts ski areas and all that stuff. That’s what takes the animals. That’s what reduces the herds down to nothing. That’s what kills the animals. That’s why the animals are disappearing, not because of hunters and fishermen. OK? It’s because of people and their encroachment on the land. Which is another point. Why should hunters and fishermen be paying for open space when it’s the developers that are destroying it, when it’s the developers that are stealing the open space, when it’s people, and their houses, that are stealing the open space. Not the hunters, and not the fishermen. …

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