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Do something!Who is in charge at the Department of Transportation of I-70 through Dowd Junction? They are as irresponsible as the drivers. There is a total lack of law enforcement and warnings. Traveling that road almost daily, I’ve never seen anyone stopped. Yet as standard operating procedure, cars and trucks barrel through there without ever slowing down. Since it is obviously a very dangerous section, why isn’t there sufficient warning? How about flashing lights that say “slow, high accident area,” and reducing the speed limit westbound beginning at the main Vail exit. Even Vail’s dummy cop staged westbound would help. Mr. MongerI just wanted to find out why Michael Cacioppo is still getting time in your paper. The man is a fear monger and a hate monger, likes to assign blame and hide behind the Constitution when he is somebody who needs to read the Constitution himself and see how it is fairly written. Thanks!This is in regards to a positive note on a service. I’ve been in the valley 18 years, managed a bar for nine and waitressed at the local restaurants. Thank you to whoever called in to Tipsline about Alaina, Lydia and me. We just wish you claimed who you were. We’ve asked many of our regular customers and they said, ‘No, I didn’t, but I should have’. It’s hard in this valley and we need more people like you. Thank you for believing in our service. You keep us smiling. Happy New Year, Patrice, Lydia and Alaina.

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