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Big hugThis is for the Edwards Rotarian chapter. This is a huge hug filled with love and thanks for your Christmas gift in making me, Patrice, feel a lot more than just your server. Thank you all, and have a happy new year.Slop pokeSteve, I read your letter to the editor on New Years Day and its good to know the plow drivers are out there every time it snows. I was wondering when you almost slid into one, didn’t you see the yellow and blue lights flashing. I bet if you were up early enough that you didn’t need to speed down the road because you were late for work, you might be more alert. If you almost slid in to a plow I would say you were going way to fast for the conditions. I have friends and family on that road and I ask you please don’t hurt them because you can’t get out of bed in time to get to work. As for pushing a fully loaded thirty thousand pound truck down the road plowing snow in bad weather, that would be irresponsible and put people at risk. I hear there was a fatality a month on this section of I-70 last year and most of them were on dry roads. The cause speed. Watch the news they will tell you if its going to snow, set your alarm clock and get out of bed. Steve it looks like you could be headed for a spot on The Darwin Award List. Please don’t take my friends or family with you. Slow Poke Plow Driver.Vail, Colorado

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