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Gear upIt’s Vail Mountain’s safety tip of the week. Keep your equipment in good condition. Skis and boards with rough edges and scarred bases can behave erratically. Always have your bindings, brakes, snowboard bindings and ski safety straps checked by a professional to make sure that they’re in good working order. Sorry, sort ofThis is to the couple who I ran into on the bike path in Eagle Ranch today. I apologize for my response. It wasn’t appropriate. The recent decisions made by the mayor of Eagle have really pitted dog owners and anti-dog people against each other, which I think is a shame. There’s plenty of open space down there in which to walk and run my dog, and I wish it were more readily accepted by the public and the anti-dog people. … In regards to the leash law, if this same encounter would have occurred this morning and my dogs would have been on a leash, it would have been a much more chaotic situation, with leashes and people and bike paths all becoming intertwined and tangled up. So for those of you who are offended by dogs off leash in that area, I encourage them to use the sidewalks in Eagle Ranch. There are no dogs on the sidewalks. I wish the town would have created a more co-existent attitude and atmosphere, but they didn’t. So for that we will always encounter each other and I hope we can always be amicable. Harsh lessonsAfter a kid from Palisade was charged with some criminal behavior and went through all of the court processes and everything – he’s a kid, a kid in high school – Chris Freud wrote a column about him saying he shouldn’t be allowed to play football after his principal and his AD already said that he had paid his debt to the community through community service and suspension and whatnot. Chris Freud wrote about that and basically bludgeoned this kid’s reputation. After that, he writes another column bludgeoning in his own valley two of the greatest athletes, talking about their mistakes. They’re in high school, they’re going to make mistakes, and we have to make sure that they learn from their mistakes.Wrong birdI think you all should get yourself a field guy for the birds. The bird falsely identified as a gray jay on Monday’s front page is actually a mountain chickadee.Vail, Colorado

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