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328-TIPSCompiled by Daily staffIt’s not over!I am a hockey sister and a huge fan of my brother, the team, and the sport. How can you say “bye, bye” to the season when only two players are gone? It’s one thing if we lost a whole line, but there’s still a great team and a great connection. You cannot rely on one good player to win it for the team, like the team last year and the teams in the past, they made it to the finals as a whole, not as an individual. … There is not just one good player. There’s a whole bench full of them. … There are highs and lows to the sport and there are losses, and these players know what that feels like. It’s nothing new to lose a game or a player, you make do and skate on. And with an ending note to my brother, the Husky Hockey team and coaches, I wish you a good season, and heads up! Sincerely, a sister and a fanSpending enoughI’m calling in regards to the “What if” letter to the editor. The writer of the letter asks, “What if U.S. sent millions of dollars a day to Mexico to solve the poverty job issue, rather than spending money to spread democracy to Iraq?” However, he doesn’t seem to realize that $20 billion last year were sent to Mexicans to relatives north of the border, which equals more than $54 million a day, and that actually helped create good paying jobs. U.S. passed NAFTA in the 1990s to help Mexico. Now those jobs that left the U.S. for Mexico are now leaving Mexico for China and other cheap foreign labor markets. Just recently the U.S. gave $60 million to Mexico to help fight the war on terror, drugs, and improve border security. But unfortunately this law has not produced very good results, perhaps due to widespread corruption in Mexico. Mexico’s population has doubled in the past 30 years, and continues to grow, around a million a year, and now the number of people under the age of 25 has doubled in the past decade. The U.S. can’t be expected to absorb Mexico’s excess population. We have enough problems of our own, and I just think the man who wrote that letter is dreaming. Thanks a lot.Stop trollingI think Vail Resorts should give their ski school personnel a little talking to about the whiner that put his thing in the paper the other day about drumming up some tips for himself. That’s ridiculous.Oh, greatIt’s just so wonderful that the real estate shatters records again. I mean it’s just great. With no middle class, we’re going to have mansions and luxury, 4-star hotels, just beautiful places surrounded by slums. Isn’t that just wonderful. How are the property values going to go then? Pray for snow.Vail, Colorado

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