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Job huntingHey Tipsliners. Get off of Mike Cacioppo’s case. He’s trying to get a job on Fox News, that’s all he’s doing. …Can’t have itHow dare you call yourselves a conservative newspaper while at the same time allowing print time to Matt Z., who obviously gets all of his angst from the Internet, and printing Tipslines from people who don’t respect the title of president, President Bush? President Bush did not turn the Oval Office into the Oral Office. Any sex that occurs there is between two wonderful people.ReservationsOK, so you didn’t make a reservation at the restaurant you wanted to go to tonight, and you decided hey, we’ll just show up. Gee, the service was bad, we’re only going to tip 10 percent. Why is that? Because the restaurant didn’t count on you coming, because you didn’t make a reservation? Why don’t you try making a reservation next time. It works out really well. Then the restaurant can staff accordingly and you can get the service that you want. It works. Either that or tip like 30 percent because you didn’t even make a reservation, …Where’s mine?I’m reading “Push for immigration reform begins Wednesday.” “If they don’t get help they may suffer.” Hey, I’m a disabled 52-year-old, lost my job. You think I could get help? No, I can’t get any help. I have to pay for everything myself. I lost my job and I can’t work. You think I get any financial help? No. … Why should they get help when two Americans can’t get help? That’s the American way, I guess. …Slow zonesVail Mountain safety tip of the week. Go slow in slow zones. They mark areas of congestion or cross traffic, so respect others and reduce your speed in these areas.Um, I don’tThis is Michael Cacioppo. In response to college student Greg Douras’ recent letter, Mr. Douras incorrectly, twice, wrote that I favor the Patriot Act. Nothing is further from the truth. The Patriot Act, or the proposal by the moderate George W. Bush, it violates the Constitution. I also disagree with Mr. Douras’ rhetorical question asking if a comatose human can really participate in life. My view is that killing comatose humans is not the answer. What about all the people that came out of comas? I’ll be they are glad they didn’t have Mr. Douras as their doctor.Amateur airportThis a part of your traveling public going to the Eagle County Airport. Most of your valley was a pleasant experience. Your airport unfortunately is a disaster. It’s obviously run by amateurs. The parking is a mess, the terminal is a mess, the roadways are incredibly dangerous for pedestrians. Please, somebody should do something.Vail, Colorado

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