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AccountableIt’s pretty sad that people have the nerve to make excuses for mistakes when kids are involved. I’ve read people trying to lay blame and take shots at the Vail Daily staff for reporting information that the public should know. This is very troublesome! We have two high school athletes that regrettably made mistakes at Battle Mountain high school. They will learn from this. They are paying the price, so end of subject, move on husky fans! You have some great players still there playing hard. You have tradition and a great fan base to support you. The correction in the Daily about when and where the Husky coaches drank alcohol is what is really troublesome. Obviously someone took offense to what was written about the team. The bottom line is you had coaches drinking at an away game. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances were. If you want a beer, do it on your own time, not when you are supposed to be setting an example for the kids who you are supposed to be directly supervising. So where does the board of education stand on this? Is it OK for a teacher to have a alcoholic beverage while on a field trip with their class at lunch, do to the fact they are at another table? I think not! Be accountable. Setting an example for young athletes is a very important job! Please take that seriously!Flying to troubleSomebody do something about the security at the airport. You guys are looking for trouble. Must be run by the county.Vail, Colorado

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