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I know himThanks for running the sketch of the robbery suspect. I’ve identified the perpetrator. It’s Doctor Evil. Quick, someone get Austin Powers on the line.Here we go This is just a reminder to all the locals and tourists. The speed limit on Highway 6 between Avon and Edwards is not 30, or 35, or 40. It’s 55 mph. Pay attention to the signs.Where’s town?I ski five days a week, I’ve been here a number of years now, and I just think it’s hilarious when people ask me, Where is the actual town? The village doesn’t rate as a town. What am I supposed to tell them? It’s in West Vail, it’s in East Vail? Where is the town? What town? …Time for tow?Just a question, why don’t they tow the red car between Miller Ranch Road and Edwards that’s now plowed in with snow?RidiculousThis is about “No smoke on chairlifts.” This is ridiculous. It’s outside in the great white open. Smokers should have rights, too. If they’re really so worried about this clean air, then why don’t they get rid of these oversized, gas-guzzling SUVs that none of them need, because none of them are going off road. They provide way more pollution that we have to breathe in. I breathe in way more pollution from big SUVs than I ever do from cigarettes on a chairlift. This is simply ridiculous.Leash law angstThis is in response to the Tipsline “Sorry, sort of.” Thanks for nothing. Your attitude and actions are exactly why we responsible dog owners have to live with a leash law that is absolutely lacking in common sense. The division is not between dog owners and anti-dog owners, as you state. It’s between pro-leash law and people who want a more relaxed leash law. There are plenty of dog owners who are in favor of a strict leash law because of people like you who cannot and will not control their dog. Right now there is a ridiculous zero tolerance leash law in Eagle that means we cannot legally take out dog off leash at anytime, not even to play fetch. If we want to change this to a less restrictive leash law, you and I must show everybody that letting the dog off leash poses no threat. Any time there’s a confrontation between a dog off leash, it is our fault, and you set back our cause. …Vail, Colorado

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