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Fear of coyotesEagle Vail residents on Deer Boulevard, at the west end, watch out for those three coyotes. They’ve been seen morning, noon and night, 24/7, and the sheriff’s deputies won’t let us do anything about it. Watch your kids, watch your dogs, and they’re out during the day.Underage drinkingAs a reporter for Battle Mountain High School sports,Chris Freud was well in his right to comment on the two teenagers. … I’m sure if a basketball, football, baseball or soccer player was found in the same situation, he would have addressed their behavior also. I can’t imagine he was singling out hockey players. Their mistake was published, not their names. And it was their mistake that Chris was addressing. I know of BMHS coaches who preach and preach the dangers of underage drinking. Obviously, to no avail, as evidenced by these teenagers. Whether Freud as a youth ever made a mistake is of no consequence here. He is not the underage drinkers being written of. It is just this type of attitude recently addressed in a letter to the editor that is scary and dangerous. Yes, teenagers make mistakes, but as adults, we shouldn’t give the appearance of condoning these mistakes or belittling what they’ve done by saying, “Oh, I did the same thing when I was a teenager.” It seems all too often adults give mixed messages to teens by allowing them to drink at home then lecturing on the dangers of underage drinking.Any reader of the Daily’s sports page embarrassed or ashamed by Freud’s article is being foolish. Our teenagers and every parent of a teenager need to be aware of and promote “no underage drinking.” Plain and simple. If they aren’t 21 or over they shouldn’t be drinking. Battle Mountain parent.No lightThe overhead street lights at both ends of the I-70 Eagle-Vail westbound off ramp have been out for five or six weeks. Does someone have to get killed before the lamps are replaced?Can’t take it?Oh please, give me a break with the Republican ranting. It’s about time you guys accept what you dish out constantly. For example, Levine’s hatred of the Republican Party in every other week of the Daily. Figure it out. If you can’t dish it out, don’t complain.Cheers!The article “Have a warm beer”: How ridiculous. So grocery stores in Missouri could lose their liquor license for selling cold beer? Why doesn’t the government pull their head out of their … and worry about Social Security reform and terrorism and corporate fraud? …Vail, Colorado

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