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Tone it downI was reading (a recent) article in the Daily on the Crossroads project. … Well you know, Sonnenalp’s going up, looks really good. You know what? Peter Knobel’s building doesn’t complement Sonnenalp. In a nutshell. It needs to be toned down. It needs to be in the style that is the town. I’m sorry, Mr. Knobel is not going to be able to walk away with kazillions of dollars in his investments, whether it’s a theater or whatever. He thinks he’s going to bring people back to Vail. Well, Peter, I’m sorry, people are in Vail, people were in Vail before you were ever, ever in Vail. 39 years. Please. Tone the building down, tone it down. Conform it. That’s all people are asking. …Promises, promisesWhen are the senior residents going to get a little help? No property tax exemptions yet. I just called the County Assessor’s Office. No, not yet. Yes, everyone, we do have seniors living in this valley, and all are not excessively monetarily endowed, and now with the increase in heating bills, so many need help. … Why can’t we get that senior property tax exemption? It was promised two years ago. …Vail, Colorado

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