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FumingI’m calling in regards to the new smoking ban imposed. I am disgusted and outraged that you people give up your rights so easily. I’m a very conscientious smoker until you start messing with me about it, and now I’ll light up a cigar in the middle of a movie theater. … Why don’t we try banning something that’s really harmful to other people and make these people hang up while they’re driving, because that puts my life in danger. Every time they pick up the phone while they’re driving, it puts everybody’s life in danger around them. Let them kill their own stupid selves, but don’t try and kill me. You ban smoking, but you’re not banning this? …Unenforceable?Sheriff Hoy stated that the last thing his officers are going to do is enforce a smoking ban, so basically that means, only when they need extra revenue are they going to enforce this ban. It’s a terrible law. If you don’t enforce it, why are you even going to have it? But I’ll tell you what, after this passes, I’m going to call every time I see a violation, and I hope the police choke on all those phone calls.Bad callHello there. I think whoever made the decision to suspend the bus service on New Year’s Eve should be hung.Role modelI’m calling to comment on the Bode Miller story and if he should stay on the U.S. Team. … I believe that Bode Miller needs to see that whether he wants to or likes to, he has the responsibility of being a role model for younger boys and girls who are aspiring to be on our U.S. team. In the U.S. we do not revere our skiers to the degree that the Europeans do. Those of us that live in ski areas really do revere and care and are concerned about skiing, simply as a patriotic American it seems that he would not have to use the comments involving alcohol. … I love that Bode has the joie de vive and the freedom to live out of the box, but let’s do it in a way that he still can be a model for our younger people. …

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