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Amen to banI just want to say amen to the smoking ban that was just passed in Avon. I’m not trying to judge smokers, but I do think if they’re making a decision to smoke, they should at least take the time and effort to go outside because there’s no reason non-smokers should have to smell smoke and also smell it in their hair and clothes after leaving a bar and restaurant. I was at Finnegan’s Wake the other day, and I love that place, and I love the upstairs atmosphere with the bar and the pool tables and the dart board and everything. But I haven’t wanted to go back there because I smelled so bad of smoke the next day. And now I know that I can go there and not leave smelling like smoke, so I’m really thankful. I just think smokers should … have respect for non-smokers.Forest, too?Concerning the county’s new smoking ban, how do they think they have the right to rule over U.S. Forest Service land? The jurisdiction isn’t quite that big. I think I’ll stand in all the lift lines I want and smoke cigarettes.Help yourselfThis is for the person who found my purse in the Safeway parking lot on Wednesday and returned it to the office. Thank you so much for returning it, but thanks again for stealing my cash. Did you think just because you found my wallet you deserved a tip or something? No differenceOne simple question. What’s the difference between Peter the poodle Runyon and Pat Robertson? Nothing. They’re both bigots. MadnessI wonder what prompted the commissioners to enact a clause that prohibits smoking in 90 percent of hotel rooms? Who really cares what a guest does in the privacy of their room? …BlindedI was just curious if anyone knew if any of the Yellow Jackets on Vail Mountain had actually read the Colorado Skier Safety Act and the Skier Responsibility Code. Seems like the majority of them have forgotten about that and focus only on the speed. I haven’t seen any Yellow Jacket telling somebody to stand up if they’ve been sitting by a blind knoll or anything along those lines. Vail, Colorado

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