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AppalledThis is regarding Commissioner Peter Runyon being “hesitant” to support Russell Feingold because he’s Jewish. I think it’s bad enough when a private resident expresses these views, but a public representative expressing them is an embarrassment to all of us in Eagle County. It really makes us look like a bunch of yahoos for voting this guy into office. … I’m sure Mr. Runyon would protest with a lot of righteous indignation that he is not biased or prejudiced against any group, that some of his best friends are “fill in the blank with a minority,” and that he was just commenting on the sad, unfortunate state of the world today. This is the worst type of bigot, an ivory tower elitist who doesn’t realize his own prejudice. It’s this kind of insidious bias couched in paternalistic, “well-meaning” comments that helps to perpetuate the very bigotry and intolerance to which he refers to in his comments. … I think he owes all of the citizens of Eagle County an apology. TipslinePollutionThis is in response to the Tipsline “Ridiculous.” I just wanted to explain to you that the problem with smokers on chairlifts if that they throw their cigarette butts on the ground when they’re done, and they pile up after a while and it’s pretty disgusting. It’s not really the smoke issue, it’s the polluting of the Earth issue. So, please don’t smoke. We’d all appreciate it. Don’t drive SUVs either. They’re no good.DisagreePeter Runyon. … “Clearly, from everybody’s point of view, we’d love to have these people made legal.” The only people that want these folks legal are the employers, but they would rather keep the status quo. Rich Mahoney, Eagle Ranch.Solve it hereI like your headline, “Many local officials believe illegal immigration problems should be solved from Washington.” Are they just passing the buck so they can hire more illegals? People who hire illegal aliens should be put in jail. They should be incarcerated to the fullest penalty possible and locals need to start making some money here.Vail, Colorado

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