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No dummyNice to know that here in Happy Valley our police force is committed to working round the clock. … Officer Mannequin. He’s been sitting on the South Frontage Road catching speeders for about 15 hours, and wouldn’t you know it? He’s got X-ray vision, because there’s snow all over his windshield. …Wear helmetHey, Vail Mountain safety tip of the week. For this week, wear a helmet. It will reduce the risk of head injuries by 74 percent. But skiing and riding in control is the key to avoiding accidents.Red means stopJust want to tell everybody that the red sign is a stop sign, and when you’re coming from the airport or anywhere else in Eagle on Highway 6, you’re supposed to stop at them. I got cut off by more than five CME drivers and limo drivers and this that and the other thing. People need to stop instead of blowing through those signs.ScapegoatsMy husband and I want to buy a home instead of renting in the valley, and I find out that a lot of these places for sale are owned by Realtors, and the Realtors are buying them and turning them for a profit, thus driving the costs up even more for the average citizen. Come on, Realtors. You’re putting yourself right up there with lawyers, for goodness sake. Next time you go to buy a piece of property, and you already have three or four or five, think about the lowly people in the valley that want to buy a home at a reasonable price, and you’re not only making a commission, but then you’re making a profit, too. In handbasketG.W. dropped the first 50 bombs and missed on Iraqi targets. He killed 30,000 Iraqis. He’s only interested in Kabul and the Pakistani borders of Afghanistan. He wants Iran. He needs an oil pipeline to the Mediterranean. He quoted that if you don’t like the question, he would lie if he had to. He claims he’s a Christian. How did he deceive us, anyway? He lost the 2000 elections against Al Gore. He had a DUI that makes me mad in itself. He let the Bradley tanks be sold to England. He taps our phone lines. He invaded our rights because we are at war. He sent only 26,000 pounds of water in the first 10 days to New Orleans. He needs to be impeached for war crimes. He’s destroyed our freedom with the patriotic homeland defense and the ACLU, and he does not protect his borders, because the Mexicans continue to flood our country. …Vail, Colorado

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