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What benefit?Congratulations to Pete Vance for a great letter on the Ginn development. As he points out, the project will raise our taxes, probably condemn our homes to widen Highway 24, crowd the Eagle River for fishing, change our small town forever, and drive most of us out as Mr. Ginn buys everything up. Sure, some of us will make money, but what about our way of life in a small town? This project is just too big. Either he should scale it way back or simply sell out and move on. It will not benefit us.Sting the maniacsHey, Vail Resorts. When are you guys going to realize that you need these Yellow Jackets on all the ski trails, not just one. We’d like these guys out skiing around all the trails and slowing these maniacs down. This Yellow Jacket program is just a joke. I thought it was a joke since the day of its inception. But then I thought well, maybe they know what they’re doing, but obviously you don’t. So get these Yellow Jackets out there on all the trails, and slow down these boarders and these maniacs.Slow goingIt’s 9:15 on Wednesday the 18th and I just happen to be driving to Arrowhead and wondering why I’m going 30 mph in a 55 mph zone. … It is a problem. I know it’s snowing, but if you live in Colorado, you should be able to drive in the snow.Vail, Colorado

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