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328-TIPSCompiled by Daily staffLove that snowIt’s about time we got some snow on the pavement. I love whipping cookies in the roundabouts and parking lots. Fun.Don’t vote DemYou hire this Brown guy, you’re going to get a lot more of the same. Just to let you know, don’t be voting Democrat.Should be priorityI’ve been watching the ridiculous dispute about the smoking ban. Let’s not forget that over 70 percent of the community voted for a smoking ban, and then Sheriff Hoy goes and says that he will not enforce it. I think the big focus is that if our law enforcement and elected officials don’t want to enforce laws that the public wants, then he should be removed from office. That should be the priority right now, get Sheriff Hoy out of office if he doesn’t want to help with the laws of the community. Incidentally, the whole state will be non-smoking in probably six months. Lights outI’m responding to the letters to the editor regarding the bear problem with the fences at Dowd Junction. Equally as important when writing in to CDOT about this situation is also writing about all the street lights that are out between Dotsero and the Eagle-Vail exit. My husband and I counted at least 15 of the street lights that are either not working or are barely working. If these were fixed, then we might be able to see the deer as well on that stretch of road a little bit better. But in the wintertime, we need to get those lights fixed. It might be that they don’t have the manpower to do those, either, but it does seem to be another big concern for that stretch of highway. Next guestIn answer to “Madness,” the person who cares about what people do in the privacy of their room is the next person who rents that room.Don’t stop thereJust forget the xenophobia and the racism and all this illegal immigrant nonsense. The world is so over-populated. Can’t we just euthanize everybody who is ridiculously stupid? I mean anybody with an I.Q. under 80 is just worthless. Let’s just grind them up and turn them into soil and green. We just don’t have time and space for this stuff. We’re trying to revive people with machines and keep them artificially alive. Let people die. We need the world. We’re running out of space here. The world’s getting way too crowded. I’m sick of standing in lift lines. Aren’t you? Have a good one. Peace and love.Why wait?Hi, this is about the smoking ban. Anybody who’s dumb enough to spend five bucks a pack on something that kills you ought to go to a state that has assisted suicide and seek immediate euthanasia. I mean why procrastinate? Just get it over with. If you’re that ridiculous that you want to kill yourself slowly, think it over. Get it done. Have a good day.Thanks a lotI’m just reading the Tipsline “Help yourself.” This person lost their wallet and supposedly is blaming the person that found it that took their cash. How does he know that this person took his cash? Maybe somebody else took it, and left the wallet on the floor, and some poor innocent person found it, took it to the office, and this person is saying, “Help yourself.” This person is being selfish and self-centered and he should be appreciative that his stuff was returned.Vail, Colorado

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