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Next guestI’m responding to the question, “Who really cares what a guest does in the privacy of their room.” Probably nobody that you know, but the next person who comes into that room really cares. If they are non-smoking, they can still smell your cigarette stuff in the air. It takes about two days for an ionizer to get the odor out. There are lots of sprays, but they tend to be cover-ups. The smell of cigarettes gets into the bedding, into the curtains, into the shower curtain, into the carpet, and for heavy smokers, boy, those rooms are just downright impossible to get clean enough. Often the smoke goes through the ventilation system into the next room. It’s not a major problem unless you happen to be allergic to smoke. Anyhow, just thanks for your concern for the rest of the world.Doesn’t sound sorryHave just read this guy Matt Debus doesn’t sound “truly sorry,” which he states in his letter of apology, for going too fast and using foul language on the mountain. Rather his letter is grudging, long-winded, self-serving and sarcastic as he not very subtly attempts to make himself appear to be the victim. Amazing.Must be a libThis is in response to the Tipsline “In a hand basket.” This person obviously must be a liberal, because it’s certainly OK for a president to do such crimes, even though he’s a greedy person from Texas. So it’s OK for him to break the law, but the rest of us can’t even have a cigarette!Never said itThis is just a message for David Le Vine in his commentary about George Bush and going to war in Iraq. George Bush never once said that Iraq was an imminent threat. However, both Hilary Rodham Clinton and John Kerry said he was an imminent threat. Clean up and understand your history.On deckAfter we get done with the entire smoking ban situation in Eagle County and have that all resolved, I think the next step is to eliminate all non-commercial diesel vehicles. That way we can get rid of all these cowboys out there with diesel pickup trucks that let them run for 20-30 minutes at a time and think that everybody else loves the smell of the open road just like they do.Litter argumentThis is in response to whoever called in that there should be no smoking on the chairlifts because where do the butts go. I think that’s like saying people shouldn’t drink coffee on the chairs because where do the cups go. Sounds like this person is predisposed to think that smokers are inherently dirty. Some of us actually use the trash cans at the top of the lift.Fear the packThis is about the no-worries tip. Coyotes are afraid, but if there’s more than one of them, you need to be worried.Leave ’em aloneAs a lifelong resident of Minturn, I’m calling about the elk migration underneath Lionshead rock. I have viewed the elk now for 35 years and enjoyed it immensely. I couldn’t believe that on Sunday afternoon I saw four snowboarders coming down the face not more than 100 yards away from these elk. These elk are migrating and are very stressed out as it is. Please, you have plenty of other places to ski. Do not do this illegally. Also, this is for the moron that lives on Taylor Street that’s driving his snowmobile halfway up the mountain towards the elk. Please, you guys, use your heads.Vail, Colorado

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