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Nothing to do with itThis is in rebuttal to the Tipsline “Leashes needed.” The leash law will not stop irresponsible dog owners who let their dogs dump in other people’s yards. These inconsiderate owners will still let their dogs out to run wild and dump in your yard. The proof of this is the leash law has been in effect for a year, and you’re still picking up crap. The only thing a leash law does is penalize the responsible dog owners who supervise their dogs and pick up their dog’s poop.PredatorsThis is Berniece Lindstrom calling. I’m a resident of California but I’m here in Vail for two weeks skiing, and I read early this morning the tip saying “No worries” regarding coyotes and that you don’t need to watch your kids or dogs. I had a condominium at Squaw Valley for 28 years and there were many small dogs who were killed by coyotes in Squaw Valley and we always kept our dog inside or watched him when we were out. We didn’t have small children or certainly nobody would leave an infant or a very small child alone outside, so I don’t know at what age it might be safe to be sensible enough to scare them away. But the tip is really inaccurate regarding not being afraid of coyotes regarding dogs, especially small dogs, but even larger ones, they did kill some larger ones. I can’t imagine that the coyotes in Colorado are any less hungry than the ones in California, so I think it would be great if you could correct that tip.Be preparedVail safety tip of the week. Accessing the back country via the back country access gates on Vail Mountain can be awesome. But remember, be prepared. Go with a friend. Get the proper avalanche training and have the proper equipment to use the back country.A good handAfter reading the article about the increasing number of senior citizens in our area in Tuesday’s paper, I’m so glad to see that Eagle County recognizes the growing need for additional senior services and is adding several new positions to address that need. But that makes it especially strange that the county Health and Human Services Department eliminated the position of their very capable senior services coordinator, John Lowry, just a few weeks ago. Judging from the wonderful activities and educational offerings listed in their Senior Trail newsletter, as well as the high praise and regrets over losing him that many of the seniors and volunteers expressed in their recent letter to the editor, you would think our county government would value Mr. Lowry as a tremendous asset. It must be nice to just be spending other people’s money, and now we taxpayers will have to pay for the four new positions the county has created to replace the one they eliminated. Boy, the political back-stabbing at the county must be brutal.Signs might helpWhy isn’t there more signage to properly direct traffic at roundabouts for visitors and locals alike? It seems that there are a number of navigational theories that conflict and cause unnecessary hazards.Vail, Colorado

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