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Good dealThe smoking ban creates some very positive things. First, by limiting smoking, it will produce fewer young people smoking and growing up with this addiction. Second, maybe when I hike on the mountain this summer, I won’t see thousands of butts on the ground, and empty packages of cigarettes. Third, my son and I were on Chair 7 with a gal smoking on the life in front of us. The smoke we inhaled was not pleasant. If the smokers can’t respect the non-smokers, then I am totally for the ban. I have read that someone is worried about Euros and Latin American visitors. Italy has banned smoking in public places, and it hasn’t stopped tourism there. Twenty percent of people smoke nationwide. That means 80 percent can now come to Vail and increase our business. …So leave earlierThis tip is for the Edwards yuppie scum that want to drive faster than the posted limit on Highway 6 & 24 between Edwards and Avon, especially the guy complaining about last Wednesday, when it was snowing. The maximum posted speed limit is 55. If conditions warrant slower speeds, that’s what people should drive. If you’re going to be late for yoga, latte or skiing, leave five minutes earlier.This messLet me get this straight. The Eagle County airport is just now sending out a request for proposals for surveillance and security cameras at the airport? 9/11 was 2001. This is 2006. For God’s sake. No security cameras at the airport? My gosh, who is running this mess? Please write or call your commissioners. Oops. That’s who’s running this mess. Don’t try itAt the roundabouts, you cannot exit from the inside lane if the exit lane is only one lane.Vail, Colorado

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