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Battle for mountainCongratulations to both Pete Vance and Andy Wiessner for their attacks on Bob Ginn’s development, which I don’t even know what it is yet at this point. … Both of them have made their mind up well in advance to fight this thing left and right without even knowing the facts. I’m disappointed in both their behaviors.Killing fieldsThis is in response to Arthur Kittay’s letter to the editor. I’d like to comment, the Palestinian people would probably have a very difficult time getting people to represent them when the Israeli government lawlessly and acting as a terrorist assassinates all the leaders that the Palestinian people produce. I find that interesting in Arthur’s letter. What would he have us do with the Palestinian people? I’d love to know what he would want us to actually do with them. Don’t need itThis is about Edwards becoming incorporated. I don’t see why. The infrastructure is already in place. About the only thing that’s going to be added is more bureaucracy, which we already have way too much of in this county, especially police. There are way too many cops in this town for the amount of crime that there isn’t. … So I don’t see what the fuss is about. It’s ridiculous.Edwards free-loadingHey Edwards, pay your way. How come the rest of Eagle County has to subsidize the cost of your unincorporated community? Shame on you, free riding on the backs of the rest of us. I think this is outrageous to all the other real taxpayers of Eagle County, but bigger still is the fact that the rest of us can’t afford to support you. We have our own needs. How can you live with yourselves? Stand up to your responsibilities. You’ve had cheap living long enough; $12 million is a lot of bucks. Get with the program and pay your way.Such a lifeSenior trips to Europe, spring break to Mexico, driver’s license and a car at 16, no military draft – the kids today have it made. Thanks. Rich Mahoney, Eagle Ranch.Return purse, pleaseThis is to the person who stole my friend’s purse from the Eagle convenience store on Thursday. If you would please return it, it’s not even the money that’s important, it’s got pictures of her kids and her ID, and she really needs that stuff back.Picking upI want to call this “Butt folks.” After years of picking them up, it does get tiring. Down here in Minturn, folks throw them out the window, or leave them for me by the dozens at the bus stop. I will keep picking them up, but it is old. … The city garbage bin is 20 feet from the bus stopVail, Colorado

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