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Too much I’m just wondering why I got a $50 parking ticket for over-staying my welcome in the shopper parking in the Lionshead parking structure. I think it’s really stupid. It doesn’t even cost $50 to park in the structure for the three days, and I got a $50 parking ticket for going over the limit by 15 minutes? And it was almost 3 o’clock. It’s ridiculous, and I would like to know where the money goes.Shame on youThis is a message for the thief who stole my beacon, probe and shovel without a handle. There’s a thing called karma, and next time you’re up there in the backcountry and some bear poops on you, you’ll know that your karma has caught back up to you. I was in Minturn, too.Turn signalsI would like to ask the town of Eagle when they plan on putting in turn signals at the Chambers stop light. It would be very helpful, especially during busy traffic hours. Please consider putting in turn signals on Chambers Avenue.Buncha drunksHelp. The society needs help. I’m getting so tired of this alcoholic community and the world that we live in. I mean people think that they’re so charming when they’re drunk, and they’re so pathetic. How are we going to change this? I don’t know what to do. It’s a tough, tough problem. You tell me what to do. I just can’t understand why people like to get so intoxicated and change their brain patterns. There’s got to be a solution to people killing themselves with alcohol.GratefulI’d like to leave a thank you for someone, an anonymous gentleman, who returned my ski pass and some other valuables on a recent Sunday, what could have been a really bad day. I apologize, it’s a little belated, but nevertheless, I certainly appreciated it and wanted him to know that. Also, to Deputy Sheriff Karen who called me that day before the sun went down on my mistake and let me know to come and pick it up. Again, thank you to everyone involved. I really appreciate it. Thanks again.ValuesThis is just in response to the article about skiers and elk meeting in the West Vail forest. I actually was one of the skiers that day, and I think Mr. McClain should maybe have thought a little bit more about where he put his house if he were that worried about the elk habitat. Also, thanks for giving away a stash. The locals really appreciate that one.Baiting boardersI was reading in today’s Tipsline how some snowboarders are coming down through Minturn and are really close to the elk that are migrating, and then the caller says, “Please, snowboarders, use your heads.” Everybody knows snowboarders are stupid, that’s why they can’t ski!He’s the bestThank you, thank you to the wonderful guy who plowed my driveway Sunday morning in Innermountain on Kinnickinnick. He’s the best, and may good karma come his way. Thank you.Vail, Colorado

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