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StrandedMy sled broke on Meadow Mountain and Ira pulled me down. But before he came up with his friends, there were like eight other people there, and they just left me there. I hope someday they break down and I’ll ride by them and not help them. That is so lame. I’ve pulled so many people out and told so many people. … Airport scareJust flying out of Eagle County here on Sunday, the 29th. You have some severe problems here. We were just involved in a security breach. There really was no security. Nobody in charge. No surveillance cameras to see who left the suspicious package. You guys need help at this airport. … TipslineAll about the payVail, Vail Vail. Don’t you just love it? The epitome of human kindness, charity and dignity. I’ll tell you, after being here over three years, I figured out the right resume finally. Don’t give any job history, just say, “Will do menial tasks for nominal wages” and leave a phone number and maybe you won’t be the 50th person in line. … Good luck eking out an existence.Don’t get itI recently was put in a situation that was out of my control, and that was finding a new home for my cat. I went into the Eagle County Animal Control shelter with my cat, and I was told that I had to wait 10 days before they could take my cat. There was no explanation, just something about a policy issue which was not explained to me, and I may have been less confused if they were overwhelmed with cats. But when I looked over at the cages, there were only four cats up for adoption and about two dozen cages that were empty. I needed help immediately, so I drove about an hour to another county shelter where they happily took my cat. And I would like to add that at this shelter, all the cages that were visible to me were full of cats for adoption and that was about two dozen cages, as well. I’m curious about what our tax dollars are being used for at animal control.Vail, Colorado

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